Thirdwave @ Bangsar South – You’ve lost a fan in me. Bye ! (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

Don’t get me wrong – it is not the food. The food is pretty decent, at least the ones’ I have ordered so far. The issue i was faced with was the customer service. You may say -‘Hey, if the food is good, just close one eyelah’, but if I am paying 33 ringgit for a dish in a café, the customer service should atleast be decent, if not good or excellent. That is one of the difference between a café and a restaurant, right? Better customer service, and communication at a more personal level.

Anyways, I will start of with the food, since this is suppose to be a food review anyways. Next, I will proceed to divulge my thoughts on their rather incompetent customer service.

First up, where is Thirdwave? It is in Nexus, Bangsar South. Just get yourself to Nexus, head up to the first floor, as soon as the lift opens, its right there in front of you. Once you get in, its spacious, well co-ordinated and gives of this artsy vibe. Based on the several times I have frequented this café, i can safely deduce that there isn’t an ‘acceptable age’ applicable here. Literally all walks of life, various ages frequents this café.

Since I will be talking about the customer service, which naturally includes what happens as soon as I stepped into the café,in the next section, i will start off reviewing the food.

The Food

There were two dishes I have included in this review. Both of these dishes were excellent and delicious. Delicious in a way that made a lasting impression, the kind of impression that enables you to recall the exact name and taste of the dish despite it being months since you last visited the café. Feel me?

1) Retro Scotch Egg, 26 ringgit.


 The presentation was simple yet elegant. On the top, was egg with runny yolk. The outer part was hard and crunchy, the inner part was moist and soft. Below the egg was a bed of shredded carrot and beet, followed by a creamy cauliflower base. The cauliflower base was mashed into fine bits that at first I assumed was mash potato, the taste however gave it away. The shredded carrot and beet provided a sweeter flavor that aided into making the whole dish delicious. This is certainly a dish I would recommend. It is very filling and worth the money.

2) Golden Salmon Bell, 33 ringgit



This dish is part of their new additions to an already localized menu. Its part of their yearly revamps, that’s right guys, every mid-year, they come up with a number of new, creative and vibrant dishes to keep patrons intrigued and coming back for more. The Golden Salmon Bell consisted of a salmon patty (a real thick one, worth every penny), topped with moist mozzarella cheese, quinoa, a combination salad, in addition to a poached egg. The also added bits of apricot/peach jam? , around the plate randomly, which surprisingly worked with the rest of the dish. 

The first mouthful itself was awesome. It was finger licking good. The salmon + mozzarella combo was super delicious. Very filling, so order this dish only if you have had a light breakfast, or if you have decided to share this dish with another.

Incompetent Customer Service

Now, on to the negative part of this review – its customer service. I frequented this particular café twice, with 2 months in between, just to allow them the benefit of doubt, but it didn’t make a difference, the service was equally as bad as the first.

I have the luxury to pay this café a visit as often as I want because I work 5 minutes away, which allows me to walk over anytime I wish. This proves to be vital, because when I don’t have my wheels with me, and I want something nearby while also experiencing café vibes, Thirdwave would naturally be my choice.

During my first visit, I had no wheels – my car was at a workshop getting its yearly fix. I walked across and headed to Thirdwave. I have been there 5 times prior – the difference between now and those 5 times was that this time, I was going there alone, a first for me. I’ve got no complains about their customer service when I was with company, they were more than willing to serve, talk and accommodate me. This negative review will solely be based on my experiences frequenting this café alone.

So, this first time, I entered the café, sat down and waited. 10 long minutes passed, no one came to serve me. I saw plenty of them walking to the other tables, but stayed clear of mine. It wouldn’t be embedded in my mind if they were more subtle about it, but nope – they were so obvious in their lackadaisical attempt to seem busy. So, I raised my hand and requested for a menu. A mute guy passed me the menu with a smile on his face, and this made my day. In a café filled with judgemental unfriendly servers who could talk, it was the mute guy who decided to come forth and serve me with a genuine smile.

One of my major in college entailed me to study people and observe behavior, so, naturally that was what I did. I noticed the other tables, once the orders were taken, a bottle of water and glasses were brought to the table – this however did not happen to mine. The food remnants of the previous occupants at my table wasn’t even cleared and clean till I requested them to. Now, you may think I am simply being whiny about everything, but I am not. I’ve been to this café many times, as many as I need to see that they follow a protocol. They work a certain way – fast, professional and accommodating. Accommodating here meaning they accommodate me and my needs, not the other way around, which sadly was the case here, this time.  So, back to it. When someone finally did come and clear the table, they removed the plates but somehow forgetting to wipe the table clear. So yea – I has to literally eat my meal on top of another persons’ meal. Now, how twisted is that? I finished my meal quickly, concluding that perhaps they simply were not comfortable serving patrons that come alone. This however was not the case, as I learned from my next and final visit there.

My second solo visit occurred recently. I decided that perhaps previously, the guys working there was officially PMS-ing , which explained their sucky customer service, and I thought they deserve a second chance. I was even generous enough to give them 2 long months to get their act together before visiting them again. I found a table and sat down. Again, I waited and waited. About 10 minutes later, I raised up my hand and repeated the same drill as the first time, and just to be safe, requested that they cleaned my table. I was utterly flabbergasted! They had atleast 5 people working at the front, but they were all looking at me like a bunch of dodos, reluctant to come to my table.  A while later, I noticed a man and a woman entering the café separately, both on their own, sitted and ordered. I observed the whole thing and deduced that the issue here was not the fact that I was alone. Both the lone individuals were greeted and treated well.

I concluded that the obvious reason for their lousy customer service towards me atleast, was for one reason only and an obvious on at that. However, freedom of speech isn’t all that big in this part of the world, so I have to refrain from ranting further. However, before I do so, have I mention that I am an Indian? Read between the lines please.

Will I head back to Thirdwave?

NEVER. Not ever going to head back there again.  Besides, a few doors down, there happen to be another café – Gateau. Based on the 2 times I’ve been there, its fair to say that  the people there are way more friendlier and welcoming, the food is equally as awesome. Review on this café coming up soon 🙂

Address: Unit 1-11, Level 1, Nexus, No.5, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200, KL.

Opening Hours:  Monday, 10 am to 7 pm, Tuesdays – Thursdays, 10am to 11 pm,

                                 Friday – Saturday, 10 am to 12 am, Sunday, 10 am to 11 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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