Leaf & Co @ Jalan Sultan – Taste soooo GOOD!

Decided to try another newly opened cafe. Yes, a-n-o-t-h-e-r. Dont ask, its just the adventurous feeling that refuses to subside anytime soon. This time, we decided on a month old cafe 10 minutes away from Petaling Street.

How to get there?

I used the ever helpful Waze. Be mindful that the cafe itself is non existent at the moment on waze listing, so I would suggest looking for Mingle Hostel instead. The cafe is situated below the hostel, the corner lot.

At the back of the cafe/hostel, there is a makeshift open car park. It looks more like a car junk yard, than a proper car park,  but we have plenty of those around KL, dont we? I parked there, paid 2 ringgit for an hour. Decently priced.


So this is what the cafe looks like. It looks like they wanted to maintain the original structure, its vibe and the nostalgia feel that accompanies it, must say – they did a pretty good job of retaining it all. It brings about this feeling, the kind you get when you know you are eating modern/current food at a real old establishment, its a good infusion of the past with the present. Design is minimalist and simplistic, there is no va va voom out of this world art or bombastic words sprayed across the walls. Nope, its pretty simple, but none the less welcoming.

They offer a range of cuisines ranging from rice to sandwiches as well as pastas and sides.

Since it was lunch and both of us wanted something heavy, we opted to try out their rice dishes. We estimated that it would take about 8 minutes for the dishes to reach out table, but to our surprise, both dishes came within 5 minutes. It literally felt like the food came as soon as the waiter left with our orders. How awesome is that??

Rendang Chicken


This dish came with rempah rice (yellow rice), a huge piece of chicken thigh with rendang sambal, chili sambal on the side and a small bowl of delicious salad.

The chicken – boy must I tell you about it. They gave us a real meaty piece that literally falls of the bone as soon as you start meddling with it – exactly the way i like my chicken yawww, well, unless its fried.  The rendang sambal was sweetish spicy-ish, thick and creamy. Imagine the chicken + rendang combo, it was freaking delicious. The rice was soft and moist, which compliments the  chicken rendang perfectly. This is certainly a dish i would order again, once i’ve tried the other dishes that it, lol.

Creamy Chicken Pesto


This dish comes with the same rempah rice, side salad. The chicken however was presented in a fillet form with creamy pesto sauce scrambled all over it. The pesto sauce reminded me of butter sauce, the ones they use in ‘butter chicken’. Yup, its both similar in content, thickness and both seems intent on its quest to maintain equal balance between sweet and sour. The pesto sauce combo worked. It didnt sog the chicken in a way that would make the crispy chicken fillet all soft and moist. Nope – the fillet totally retained its crunchyness. So when you take  a bite of the fillet with sauce, you get a feel of crisp and thick gooey richness.

Would I head there again?

Yes. Dishes arrived super fast, the staff were friendly, food was good, ambiance welcoming. The only blip in this list of positivity is that its located in the busy part of town,but hey – for good food, why not right?

Address: 53, Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Everyday, 11.30 am – 9.30 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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