Decaffeinated Cabin @ Bukit Gasing – In a World of its’ Own

Okay, so today was one of those days whereby I did not feel like heading to a specific cafe solely for writing a review. I just wanted a nice, cozy cafe that serves decent dessert. Yes, my sweet tooth demanded to be satisfied today, lol and Decaffeinated Cabin provided me exactly that. 

As soon as you step foot into this cafe, it sort of gives you an ‘alternate universe’ feel. Why do I say so? Well, the cafe is located along Jalan Gasing and when I say along – i mean its right beside the road and a busy one at that. However, as soon as you enter this cafe, the sound of the city is silenced, something that takes you by surprise.


The cafe exudes a feel of nature and weird enough – a tunnel. When you are inside a tunnel – the outside fades away and all you see, hear is inside the tunnel? Yup, that is exactly how I felt. Totally unexpected.

Anyways, lets move on to the desserts. They provide an array of selections ranging from pastries to cakes for tea time.



Red Velvet Cake, 13.90 Ringgit

I opted for the Red Velvet and i do not regret it one bit. It was finger licking good. First of all, I received a huge slice of cake. That right there made it into my good books. The taste, yummm! It was soft and moist, decadent and rich – so yummy!  The fluffiness of the red velvet + cream cheese frosting , so good. Definitely a dessert i will order again.

Coffee Set, 19 Ringgit 

So, the coffee set is basically a combination of one pastry + a drink ( coffee or ice/hot chocolate) for 19 ringgit. We opted for an ice chocolate and a blueberry pastry. The pastry was light, fluffy and delicious. Some pastries have an overwhelming taste of the flour paste, this certainly did not. Do take caution though, because its delicious + lightweight, you are bound to order more. Yup, you can say BYE to your DIET – i certainly did with mine, for a day, lol.  The Ice chocolate was thick and chocolaty.  On top of the cocoa and milk, they gave me an extra dose of chocolate at the bottom, as you can see in the image above, chocolate all over the cup as a result of mixing it. It certainly was rich. It was the kind of an awesome drink that could suffice as a whole meal by itself. No doubt the obtained calories would, its also a wholesome drink. Just that one cup of chocolaty goodness can make up for tea time. 

Would I head here again?

Yup, I will. I’ve only tasted the desserts so far, have not had the chance to try out their main dishes. From the dishes I saw the other patrons eating, it seems appetizing and I anticipate it being equally as delicious as the desserts they served.  

I would simply go there for its surrounding. It is a place whereby i can truly relax. It likes its within its own little cocoon away from the city.  Dont know it if makes sense, but yea. Certainly heading there soon.

Address: 64, Jalan Gasing, Bukit Gasing, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays, 7am to 7 pm, Mondays – Closed.

Singing out now, Ciao.



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