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Merchant Lane @ Petaling Street -Good Food amidst History (Halal)

There are 4 similarities between Merchant Lane and Chocha Foodstore, okay – 5 similarities.

  1. They both have weird names. I would think Merchant Lane was some sort of cool historical scenic place that you totally need to go for a drive at and Chocha Foodstore, naturally it being what its name state – a food store, supermarket.
  2. Both are located few doors away from each other and on the same row of shops.
  3. Both have been around for a long time, pre World War 2.
  4. Both were former brothels.
  5. Both do not have those huge ass signboards outside like most other establishments do. It’s kind of easily missed unless you pay attention.

That is as far as the similarities go. Besides that, nothing else is similar – from the way it looks, to the type of food it serves and its taste.

If you ask me which one I prefer, I would choose Merchant Lane over Chocha Foodstore. Why? Merchant Lane offer a more comprehensive menu, they serve the kind of food I fancy and I like how it feels sitting in this cafe, as opposed to the other one. If it comes to which one managed to retain the ‘old history’ within its walls, that would be Chocha, but there is only so many times you head to a cafe because you like its historical feel, eventually – you need good food. So, yea.

Merchant Lane is located near the renown Petaling Street, on the first floor, in between ATC College and Kiat Leong Stationary & Trading. The easiest way to know you are really close by is if you are visibly close to the stationary shop mentioned, because the floor above it is where Merchant Lane is located. The only glimpse to its existences is when you see a little blue door on the left of the stationary shop.

As you push open those doors, you will automatically see a stairway heading up. Naturally being lighted up with red lights – to live up to its brothel days, I suppose, Lol.


Once you are upstairs, ……


So, once you head upstairs, see the menu and order your dish at the counter. Then, pick where you want to be seated. The cafe is divided into several sections, as the images above depicts, if you want sunlight and to be seated in the front of the house with pretty much every one else, the first and second picture it is. If you want a more private setting, behind closed doors, that is not frequented by many patrons, something that will allow you and your company privacy – then the third and fourth picture it is.

The Menu

South China Sea, 25 Ringgit


For a 25 ringgit dish, this was really worth it. You get a huge piece of boneless salmon, 2 soft boiled eggs (at 53 degrees), a medium serving of vegetables (red, yellow and green bell peppers) and a bed of really crispy thin fried potatoes.

This is certainly a must try. The salmon was fresh, cooked perfectly. The inside was all warm and soft, while the out was crispy. The vegetables were dipped in salsa sauce prior to serving, tasted so good, especially when eaten with the boiled eggs. Those crispy thin bed of potatoes – yummm. Overall, I am very satisfied with this dish. Do give this a taste !


Rose Honey Milk, 12 Ringgit


It sure does look pretty, right? That is all it is – pretty. Taste wise, it tasted like milk, nothing else. No rose infused syrup, or even honey , nada. So, unless you want milk, do not order this and waste 12 ringgit. Never ordering this again, cause truthfully – I can do warm milk by myself for free, and I certainly do a better job while I am at it.


The Mistress, 22 Ringgit


The Mistress mainly consisted of a chicken curry burger and several waffles fries. When I first heard of the curry burger – I was not impressed. Who eats curry with a burger? – me being an Indian, that was my first thought. However, I decided to give it a try anyway.

Boy, did it pay off. The chicken curry burger was really good. The burger was made of two charcoal buns, chicken curry, chicken patty, an egg and BBQ sauce. That combination was just the bomb! I would totally order this dish again.

The waffle fries was what it was suppose to be – fries. It was not spectacularly delicious, it tasted like fries. I figured that they wanted the star of the dish to be the chicken curry burger, so not much effort should be put into the fries. I totally agree with that notion. Nothing should overpower the chicken curry burger, The Mistress.

Would I head here again?

I am sure from my ravings, you can most probably guess that I am certainly heading back here. Your guess is right – I most definitely am.

Address: 150, Jalan Petaling, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours: Mondays – Tuesdays, Thursday – Fridays, 11.30 am to 10                                       pm , Saturdays – Sundays, 9.30 am to 10 pm.

                                Wednesdays : Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.



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