Table & Apron @ Damansara Kim – (UPDATED) It’s all about timing.

For real, it is all about the time and timing. Today I decided, by hook or crook – I am going to visit a cafe by the end of the day for reviewing/blogging purposes. 

I decided on paying a visit to The Picnic Table, near Encorp The Strand Mall. I recalled a year ago having prawn sandwiches there and it was delicious – so, why not write about it, right? I had things to do till 1.30 pm elsewhere, ended up at this cafe’s door step at 2.45 pm with my tummy grumbling and my mind visualizing the yummy sandwich. Then I see a notice on the door, something about them closing the cafe at 3 pm due to a corporate event. However, there was till 15 minutes to spare and perhaps they could do/create something for me lol – Here is me hoping. I opened the door and heard ” Sorry, kitchen closed 5 minutes ago”. What??!!!  I had 15 minutes left to 3 pm but 5 minutes late for kitchen service.  The goes my finger licking delicious prawn sandwich. Well, if there is any consolation – they apologized. So, better luck next time.

Next, I took my slightly dissappointed self to get some groceries for home and around 4 pm, I decided to head to Table & Apron, a cafe in Damansara Kim.




I passed this cafe all the time on the way to my parents’ place but never really got to giving it a try. Today, I decided to. I arrived at the cafe at 4.30, got my self seated and then i was told that lunch ended at 3.30 pm, that the kitchen is closed till 6 pm and that my only choice now to munch on would be their desserts.  To top it all – i have approximately 30 minutes till they close the cafe for an hour and open at 6 pm for dinner. 

My first thought was – Seriously ???!!! If I was not hungry as I was, I would have left and hunt down another cafe/restaurant but I was so hungry, so, I remained and ordered a dessert and a drink. It was suggested that I give their Carrot Pineapple Cake a go, apparently it taste good. So, that is what I ordered and a cuppa hot chocolate.

Carrot Pineapple Cake, 10.07 ringgit


I must say – the suggestion was right on. It was soooooooooooo yummy ! Generally, I am not a fan of carrot cake, but this cake – this I can happily munch on. The carrot cake I usually get (besides the ones my dad makes which is another kind of delicious) either has an overload or raisins, berries or flour. This had just the perfect amount of every ingredient equally. The pineapple, the carrot, the cream cheese and whatever else that was in it – it was a combination of yumminess. So yummy that I even asked the attendant if the cake was a staple feature there or is it seasonal – its there everyday, people!! Yay! 

Hot Chocolate, 10.60 ringgit


The hot chocolate was okay, nothing to brag about. I love my hot chocolate, its a permanent fixture in almost all my blog post, as you would have already noticed. This hot chocolate was okay, not too good, not too bad. Just OKAY.

2nd Visit – 8th May 2017

Was in Damansara Kim today and decided to give Table & Apron another try. This time I made sure I arrived on time, as in within the time period whereby their kitchen is open.  As you can recall from post above, the only other time I was here, their kitchen was closed and my only option were desserts and drinks. Not this time though, lol – I came fully prepared. I arrived at about 12 pm and it was pretty much me and my man there. We had the whole place to ourselves.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich, 17 ringgit

Decided to try an item under their Weekday Business Lunch option, and opted for the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  This lunch option comes with a soup or salad on the side + ginger tea. I decided to give the salad a pass today and chose the soup instead and it so happen that the soup of the day was Pumpkin Soup, Yay!! Me like!


The soup was really really good. It is not one of those that came out of a tin or the watery kind. Nope – not this one. This pumpkin soup was the bomb. It was thick, rich and creamy. Give this a try please – it really is good.


So this sandwich has no meat in it. Just a whole lot of good cheese and caramelized cabbage. The combination may sound lifeless and bleh to you but when you actually do get your mouth on it – your opinion might change. I know mine did. The bread used was similar those sour dough type and added a much needed crunch to this otherwise ‘soft and moist’ dish. The sandwich filling was made up of some really good Swiss cheese – not some but alot of it and caramelized cabbage. The caramelized cabbage felt more like caramelized onions. I am not really a fan of cabbage, so the caramelized onion feel did wonders for me. Overall, the sandwich + the pumpkin soup + ginger tea was a very good delicious deal. I loved it.

Fried Chicken (Half), 23 ringgit


Okay, to be honest – I would not have ordered this dish. However, several bloggers and a post on TimeOut magazine which listed this dish from Table & Apron to be one of the best fried chicken in Kuala Lumpur, boasted of the deliciousness of this specific fried chicken. So, I figured, why not give this a try.  So, I did and I was kindda disappointed. I just do not get what all the hype was about.  It was meaty and all, not as oily as usual fried chicken – that is good but it did not have much taste. Usually, fried chicken has a character, it does not matter where the fried chicken came from, every one has a character. Very crunchy, hot and spicy, well marinated and etc – get my drift? This did not have that extra umph. This is basically what I felt. My partner on the other hand, upon taking his first bite, thought the chicken was good. However, after about 4 mouths/bites in, he decided what I felt had some merits in it. In the end, we both agreed that while the chicken was cooked well and all, it certainly is not the best and again, I do not get what the hype was about. 

Will I head here again?

Yes, I would. I liked the place, the people and minus the fried chicken, everything else was good. So, yes, I am definitely heading back there again.

Address: 23, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400, Petaling Jaya,                                     Selangor.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11.30 am – 5 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm.

                                Monday Closed

Signing out now, ciao.


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  1. Hi, totally agree with you on their Fried Chicken. My cousin told me their fried chicken is so good and all. When I had my first bite, my reaction is the same as yours. Meh… However, I do recommend their Ulam Rice. It’s good. =)

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