Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine @ Sek. 16,PJ – Great food you did not even know you were MISSING.

I don’t know about you guys but I sure did not know what I was missing. I pass by this road literally every week, on my way to visit my parents and I am sure they too pass by this road  every week to head to my dad’s favorite ‘Punjabi’ place or to Grand City Restaurant. Just like me though, I bet they too do not know of Malgudi’s existence. I have never ventured into these row of shops but since the heavily used main road is right in front of it, I pass by it all the time. The funny thing is many people including myself know of the restaurant/ bar next to Malgudi – Castell Gastrobar and the shop that sells beds with artificial sheep on display at the entrance called PJ Sleep Shop, next to it.  All these shops are lined up next to one another, but funny how I missed Malgudi. Anyways, my partner saw it when we passed by it and so, here we are now.



It is really cosy inside, and they had indian tradional music playing softly at the backgroud, it felt homely. The restaurant was clean and orderly, interesting paintings of the indian cultures filled the walls. Overall, it was very welcoming. When I first got there, around 12.30 pm, there were still vacant seats around me. Give it 15 minutes – and it was packed. Do you know they have an additional floor on top? I did not until I saw people going up. Yup people, they occupy two floors. All sorts of races flock here – indians, malay/muslim/ chinese/ caucasians – so, there is no need to feel shy if you are of any other races besides Indian. All are welcome here lol.

Chicken Briyani, 16 ringgit


The Chicken Briyani was sooooo delicious. Before I get into its yumminess, I will let you in on a secret. This dish in particular – comes with a chicken drumstick, but for those of you who prefers the meaty part of the chicken like the chicken breast – you can request for it and they will fulfill it. Most restaurants would not do that as the meat if often cooked with the rice, so if this briyani is mostly served with drumsticks, then drumstick is what you get. Another scenario could be that all the rice and chicken pieces are already segregated into their own bowls to ensure its easier for the attendants to serve. Perhaps these two scenarios apply here, but they were really nice in fulfilling my request – I got chunky pieces of yummy and meaty chicken breast. The whole dish came with a lot of meat and rice with an egg, it was quite a lot for one person – so thank god I had some one to share it with or else my heart would break because it was too delicious be wasted. The rice was fragrant and had the perfect amount of spice. It was also wet, which enabled me to eat the rice and chicken just by itself – no curry was needed. The chicken pieces were soft, moist and chewey. This was soo delicious that I would order it again the next time I pay them a visit.

Aloo Gobi Masala, 11 ringgit


This dish comprised of chunky potatoes, couliflowers and yummy gravy. It had just the right amount of spiciness and thickness. You know how some gravies are just watery or borderline liquidy? I hate those kinds and this was not that at all. This was the kind of gravy you can eat on its own. You add in those soft yet crunchy couliflowers and you get deliciousness in overdose. I was very satisfied with this dish.

Masala Kulcha, 5 Ringgit


I usually cannot tell the difference between a naan or a kulcha, eventually though – I did manage to figure it out lol. It is pretty simple actually. Naan is thicker and kulcha is thinner. another difference is the stuffing, for naan – you get cheese, garlic and butter stuffings, Kulcha usually has mushroom, chicken, mutton, potatoes stuffings. Nah, forget it, I am still trying to grasp the difference lol. Anyways, this was delicious too. I know what you are thinking- literally every dish here is delicious? , but yes, do take my word for it, it is delicious. I like rotis/bread – I will give this go again anytime.

Would I head here again?

Ooooo YES!! I most certainly will. All the dishes were super delicious and did you see the prices? It is pretty cheap. These days, I don’t come by many restaurants – good ones’ that serves good dishes that cost this cheap. It is good food at a very decent price – what more can I ask for.

Address: 17, Lorong Universiti C, Section 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Monday, 12 pm – 3.30 pm, 6 pm – 10.30 pm

                                Wednesday to Sunday, 12 pm – 3.30 pm, 6 pm – 10.30 pm

                                Tuesdays Closed

Signing out now, ciao.


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