Sudo Brew @ Damansara Jaya – (UPDATED) Good food and good vibes, totally my go-to cafe in this area. (Closed)

First trip (2016)

So, since I was In Damansara Jaya, I thought I should head to this cafe. I’ve been here before but i have not reviewed it. Last I recall, they did serve a mean bowl of Thai Green Curry Pasta, which was sooooooooo good. Well, the image of that dish left me hungry. So I took my tummy grumbling self there only to be slightly disappointed. I’ve discovered that the dish my mouth was watering and anticipating for was no longer served and that since a new chef is working in the kitchen, they are changing the menu. It so happened that I walked in at the start of the ‘changing the menu’ thingy, so the menu was limited, like really limted, as in mostly drinks and some pastry limited.


Boy was I disappointed. Then , I turned to the side, and sighed.  I saw the ‘Today’s Special’, it was fried chicken !! Yay!! At least they have something that resembles a meal.


Pan Fried Chicken, 12 Ringgit


I know fried chickens are unhealthy, but this could very well be the healthiest among the unhealthys, lol. There was no clumps of flour, like the ones you find on KFC chickens or extremely oily ones like the ones you see at Mamak stalls. Nope, this was more pan grilled, with a piece of chicken + skin and some spices. That is about it. This dish is also accompanied with sweet sauce gravy dipped in chillies. When you pour the gravy on to the chicken, it just alleviates a good dish to a very good simple dish. I cant believe I am saying this but thank god for this chicken, the good impression I initially had on this cafe still remains.

The reason I said I would not be heading there anytime soon was because I wanted them to get the menu right, as they did explain that they were developing a new menu with their newly hired chef. So, I will wait, because no way am I going all the way there just for some pastries that I can get/buy nearer to me.

UPDATED: April 2017

The cafe looks the same, loved it the last time I was here and still feel the same way now. Did I mention that it opens 24 hours everyday! How awesome is that! The cafe is arranged in such a way whereby you have the usual cafe get-up and then you have arrangements that resembles cubicles to allow those who want privacy and intend to work on their laptop an area of their own as oppose to be out in the open.



Glad to see that they have a fixed menu now.



Grilled Cheese Croissant, 8 ringgit


If you are low on budget but want something that would really keeps your stomach full – then you should order this. Trust me – this will keep you full for soo oo long that you can save $$$ because it would be highly likely that you can skip dinner today. This is basically a croissant + a whole lot of cheese + ham slices. It was nice but half ways through it, it would start getting overwhelming. Thank god for me – I had someone to share this with, so half was all I got but yea, If I ate the whole thing I could see myself skipping dinner tonight and perhaps breakfast tomorrow. My next meal would most probably be brunch. This was a good dish that would certainly keep you full.

Pandan Chicken, 10 ringgit


This was very tasty. A simply yet healthy dish. I did not get the ‘pandan’ part, because I tasted no pandan at all, however, the chicken remained delicious despite without it. It was tender, succulent and had sort of a curry flavor to it. Loved it.

Would I head here again?

Yes, I definitely will. Did you notice the price? It is cheap and affordable and the low price does not affect the food quality. Food is tasty and delicious. 

Address: 7, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400                                 Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am – 4 am


Signing out now, Ciao.


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