A.Toast – A thoroughly satisfying find.

I cannot recall how I knew of the existence of this cafe. It was not listed in the major blogs, online food webs in Malaysia (Eatdrinkkl, TimeOut, Zomato), nor did it pop up anywhere. It was a mystery really how my search on Google lead me to this cafe – the wonders of Google. Thank you, Google and whoever who wrote about A.Toast, for if it wasn’t for you – I would never have stumbled upon this cafe. Thank you!

Just looking around for this cafe was exciting. It is hidden in a way that if you are not patient enough – you most probably would not find it. A.Toast is located on the side of a busy street, however – as you would regularly see in Malaysia -with small illegal roadside stalls popping out everywhere, naturally A.Toast will be hidden.  So be warned, it is not a cafe you would readily see when you drive around. This is the kind of cafe, you follow where Waze guides you to and when you reach the supposed spot, you will realize that you cant see anything that resembles A.Toast, so you go around the block and park your car nearest to the spot Waze indicated where this cafe was – and then start walking towards it. Yup – this is that kind of cafe, hence why I was excited. You do not get that often in KL, most cafes are right there, readily and easily spot on. So, this right here was a luxury yawww! Like Hide and Seek.

So let me make this easy for you.  Just follow Waze till the spot it indicated where A.Toast is located is reached. Once there, you would realize that the cafe is located opposite D’ Majestic Hotel (first clue), when I say opposite – I meant face to face with a road separating them. Of course, while the hotel is visible to your eyes, the cafe is not due to the roadside stalls and buses and etc. Do not panic. Continue driving straight till you see Clinic Chan. There is a road turning left – Jalan Sarawak, turn into that lane  and turn left again ( I cant recall what exactly it was , Rukun Tetangga  signage , yea)  park there and walk you way to the cafe. Ample parking spots and within 5 minutes distance from cafe.

Loads of parking available.

As you turn left into the parking area, do go straight for a little bit and park near this building, it would be easier for you as this building is only a few doors a way from the cafe. If you park at a spot further away, then the further away you need to walk.   So yea, once parked, make your way here.



As you walk down that pathway, towards the end of it, on your right is A.Toast. You place you order at the side and then make your way inside the cafe.





There was a variety of food to order, depending on what you fancy at that time of the day. The guy at the counter suggested giving the sandwiches a go as that was their bestseller. We took his advice and ordered ourselves two sandwiches and a hot chocolate,paid, then proceeded to get ourselves seated in the cafe.


Did you see the size of the cafe? Yup – it literally is the size of a store room but they somehow maKe it work. It is small, yet clean, organized and you do not feel claustrophobic in it, not at all. The arrangement is such that you would not end up bumping shoulders with another person due to the limitations in space. It totally is amazeballs!  

Do not be influenced by the emptiness of the cafe. It so happen that when I was there, it was rather quiet, around 10.30 am. That was the case inside the cafe, on the outside though, at the counter – a totally different story, there was a line placing their orders. It totally makes sense that they operate the cafe from 6 am till 3 pm. Since most of the people around are the working crowd and the people living in the hotels nearby, I assume tat  a lot of their food are on the go/take away. The more relaxed crowd, cafe goers and etc will start frequenting A.Toast from brunch till they close at 3 pm.

Wholemeal Toast, 9.30 ringgit



This was soooooooo Yummy!! There was wholemeal bread, there were slices of eggs, cheesy hash potatoes, greens, mustard, mayonnaise. Sooo good. I am not a fan of hash brown, never was and never will be. However, the slice of has brown here was think enough that the taste of potatoes does not overwhelm you yet being able to provide you with the crunchiness you need to elevate this sandwich from nice to perfection!.  The sandwich may look huge and you would think rightfully you should separate the sandwich into a quater, but please do not do that. Eating it quaterly does not taste as good as eating the half of it – believe me – i tried. Yes, you may need to expand your mouth a little, stretch those mouth muscles a little, but it is worth it.  What I did was press the both sides together, really flatten and compressing it till it gets noticeably downsized and then gobbling it down.  This was the bomb, one delicious mouth watering yummy bomb! Give this a try peeps.

Bamboo Charcoal Toast, 9.30 ringgit


This sandwich basically consisted of charcoal bread, scrambled egg, cheese, spicy chicken floss, greens and it tasted equally as good as the other sandwich, however – depending on what you fancy, either one may prevail as the better one. I do not have much to say besides it being yummy.  The guy at the counter was right about this being their bestseller – it certainly is worth given the ‘bestseller’ tag. 

Would I head here again?

You can bet I will. Not only for the welcoming feel this cafe exudes, but also for the delicious food its kitchen produces. Can’t wait !

Address: 291, Jalan Pudu, Pudu, 55200 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays, 6 am – 3 pm,                                                  Saturdays & Sundays, 9 am – 3pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.



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