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Sugar Rush @ Sek 16,PJ – A sweet letdown, bummer (Halal) (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

This cafe is situated on the side of a stretch of road I use a few times a week. I noticed the existence of this establishment because it used to be a double storey bungalow, corner lot house that was broken down and rebuild into a minimalist yet elegant single story stretch. It is one of those houses that lingers on your mind whenever you are stuck in a jam, on that particular stretch of road. You are stuck bumper to bumper, you pass this house on your way and it crosses your mind that ” Dang, that would be a nice play to head back to, simplistic yet relaxing”.  Other than that, I did not know what this corner lot was – whether it was an office or a home. The fact that it ended up being a dessert cafe was surprising cause it was almost always empty when I passed by. However, do not get me wrong, just because it is empty when I pass does not mean it is not a good cafe. I usually pass by at noon which is when the cafe is closed – hence why I do not see anyone there.  It was one of those rare nights that I used this road, I noticed it being full house – the house was brightly lit , the car park is at its full capacity with almost 20 cars parked within the compound. I was gobsmacked. It was literally a ‘DUH’ moment for me. I pass this corner lot all the time at noon – it was always empty but this one night – it buzzed with life. Got on to Google to curb my curiosity and that was when I got to know that this was actually a cafe, a cafe that operates from 4 pm onwards. That answers my questions.


The Corner Lot


Ample Parking within the Cafe



The parking spots were fully occupied, there were plenty of cars double parking – so you can imagine how busy this cafe is. The few times I’ve passed recently (in the evening), I noticed that the same thing happens, it is always a fully house in regards to the parking. The more I saw this, the more intrigued I was to give this cafe a try – It cant be all that bad if people keep frequenting it, right? Eventually, I did pay Sugar Rush a visit. I loved the cafe ambiance. The cafe is stretched out in such a way that whether you are alone or part of a large group – your privacy is maintained.  There have little private corners at every end that provides you ample comfort and space. 

As soon as you enter, you have the cake stand on display to your right. Did you see the cake stand? If that does not leave your tongue wagging, then your sweet tongue and I need to have a talk, lol. My tongue certainly got wagging as evident from the two cake purchases I ended up making at the end of the night.

Blueberry with Salted caramel, 15.80 ringgit & Coffee Oreo with Peanut Butter, 16.80 ringgit


Looks delicious, doesn’t it? You would expect it to taste as good as it looks and it did – for 5 seconds and then I started chewing and it went downhill from there. The first thing I noticed when I tried both these cakes was that it felt like the inner part of the cake was pretty similar. It literally felt like they used the same batter for both the cakes. That totally makes sense – if later on you add additional things/flavors in to make each cake distinctive from one another – being a dessert cafe and all, but that was not the case here. It seems like after they used the same batter, they added just enough peanut butter into the creme that it felt more of the creme that the peanut butter for the coffee oreo cake. Their saving grace was their chocolate topping on top. It literally felt like i was eating chunks of truffles. It was very yummy.  The blueberry cake has insides that tasted similar to the coffee oreo – minus the peanut butter & creme. The blueberry icing tasted ‘bleh’ – monotonous with a lack of life/kick.  You can taste the butter but it seemed like they forgot the sugar. I did not like it.  My dad makes deliciously yummy cakes all the time, attempted some myself – so I know they could do better than this. This is not to say the cake tasted awful – Not at all. It was a pretty decent cake. Both the cakes were okay. However, here is the thing with dessert cafes, you do not expect them to be okay and decent , you would anticipate being Wow-ed and literally blown off you seats because of the greatness that is these cakes. Especially with this cafe being primarily a dessert bar, so yea – hence the little let down.

Let me some up my experience here in a few words. The cafe ambiance & environment was awesome. The cakes though – lets just say I’ve seen/tasted many cafes out there that offers main meals with desserts on the side offers that tasted loads better than Sugar Rush – a primarily dessert cafe. Get my drift?  So yes, I was kind of disappointed. 

People still come in droves here though. So, I will give the cakes another try, maybe the day I went there – they had an off day? Or maybe, it is the awesome cafe environment that keeps patrons from flocking this cafe? Or, the sides they offer do taste awesome?  Yes, they serve sides. While they primarily serve desserts, they do serve some solid food for those who fancy that, not much in variety though.


Hmmm, maybe it is a combination of all three? 

Would I head here again?

Oooo yes, I will. Maybe not for the cakes though ( although yes, I promise I will give the cakes another try). The cafe ambiance though, it’s super awesome. If you want to have a romantic date , this cafe is it. A family gathering – this is it. On you own with a book for company – this is it. It is the kind of place I do not mind chilling at if I am in the area. 

After all, I want to give the cakes another go  and try some of their solid food. So yea, I will be heading back there again. 

Address: 28, Jalan Dato Abu Bakar 16/1, Section 16,                             46350  Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Mondays to Fidays, 4 pm to 12 am,                                            Saturday & Sundays, 11 am to 12 am.

Signing out now, Ciao.



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