Cookie Nation @ Dataran Sunway- Good cookies with a lil’ false advertising

I am in Dataran Sunway a lot – at least one day a week. As I drive around, Cookie Nation has always been one of those ‘ I should give it a try’ cafe. When I drive around weekly, it is always there within my line of sight + it has a pretty artistic exterior which makes it even more appealing to me.


What actually did it for me was the fact that they serve pies. It was right there in big and bold writing – PIE ( I could not take a picture of  the part of the exterior I was referring to as it started raining really heavily). One would assume that if a cafe wrote big and boldly the word ‘PIE’ – it would mean that they have perhaps a selection of it or at least  two decent to good ones. I am sure none of us, myself included, would assume having to take the word ‘PIE’ literally , as in only one pie as oppose to PIES. At this point I was still optimistic and then I was told the pie needed to be defrost for a duration of at least 20 minutes – I was like What the f**k?  However, since I saw the word PIE on the outside – I was looking forward to it and since it was already drizzling, I decided to just settle in at Cookie Nation. However this ‘PIE’ thing was False Advertising # 1.  You should not write the word PIE outside boldly if what you have to serve us/me is just ONE freezer packaged pie. That is really sad. 


Meal A – 1 Chicken Curry Pie + 1 Drink + 1 Cookie, 13.50 Ringgit


This was an utter disappointment. First of all , this was something you and I could do ourselves. Just go to a grocery store, head to the cold/freeze section, grab yourself a package of frozen pie, head home and defrost it – eat it and enjoy! However, let me explain the difference between what I did and what Cookie Nation does. I buy the packages pie, I head home and get to it asap, Cookie Nation however, leaves it in the freezer for got knows how long that when it finally gets defrost – the moisture is all gone. When you break into the pie – it is like eating an apple crumble that was made of batter which has soo little butter and egg in it that it taste like a tasteless biscuit. It tasted gross! The inside had no taste of curry, none whatsoever. I sure hope none of you are crazy enough to order this dish because it is a waste of 13.50 ringgit. This is a cookie cafe, so focus on that, remove the pie and other pasties you are serving because it will taste gross. Never going to order this dish again.

The cookies – they has a relatively wide selection. It all looks equally as good.


So, on the exterior of the cafe – there is a large picture of a biscuit sandwich (2 biscuits + ice cream) and it says it starts from 5 ringgit – False advertising # 2. This is not true. The cookies by itself, the cheapest one there goes for 2.50 ringgit, so – to make a biscuit sandwich, you would need 2 cookies – 2.50 ringgit + 2.50 ringgit = 5 ringgit. So, just the cookies itself would be 5 ringgit , so how could 2 biscuits + ice cream cost 5 ringgit? Perhaps they have a promotion of some sort? That was what I thought, so I went on and asked the cashier what was the cheapest $$$ for the biscuit sandwich? She said it was 9 ringgit. So – my question is, why put a biscuits sandwich as oppose to just putting an image of 2 biscuits and then say it starts from 5 ringgit? It is like saying you can get an iPhone for an old Nokia 112 price – but as you dig deeper, you get to know that it is not true at all. Get my drift? Why the falsehood? The cookies by it self tasted good, and the cookie sandwich was delicious, so I can do without these false advertising please.

Cookie Sandwich , 11 ringgit


For the 2 cookies that made up the sandwich, I chose ‘MoonWalker’ – a chocolate cookie and ‘Peanutella’ – cookie with generous amount of peanut butter + the ice cream ‘Buzzling Honeycomb ‘ that had a butterscotch taste/flavoring + a free topping of Caramel Sauce. This combination was simply exquisite. I’ve never had a cookie sandwich before as I am not really a fan of biscuits but I am glad this was my first. It tasted really good.  The packaging that came with the cookie sandwich though did not cut it for me. Since the cookie was kind of huge, I could not really eat it like a sandwich – my mouth could not stretch that far lol. So, I asked for a plate and some utensils and what I got was this.


They gave me a flimsy paper plate + plastic fork and spoon. First of all, those cookies were as solid as a rock, so naturally within 5 seconds, the paper plate was dented and the fork broke into half.  I gave up and decided to use a tissue paper to grab and eat the sandwich. It was a little messy but it worked best considering the situation. Other than a lack in suitable plates and utensils, I had no other issues. If you feel like breaking away from your calorie count for the day and want something different from the usual desserts, do give this a go. Yes, it does cost similar to a piece of delicious chocolate or cheese cake, some delicious cakes even go for a slightly cheaper price, but if you fancy something different, try the cookie sandwich.

Smooth Criminal, 11.50 ringgit


This milkshake was the bomb! I loved it! If you do not mind indulging – do give this a go. Smooth Criminal is a combination of Vanilla and Chocolate flavor and it sure lives up to its name – it looks really simple and mediocre but as soon as you taste it, it gives your system a jolt. It is unassuming  surprising. I love the texture, it is very compact and thick. I cant really explain in words besides saying that it was delicious. However, if you are planning to indulge and have this, please do make sure that you do have space in your tummy. Going in on a full stomach would have a wasted effect. You would not be able to truly enjoy the decadence it offers. I loved it. Would give it a go again.

Would I head here again?

Yes, I would but only if I fancy having some cookies or milkshakes.

Address: D-G-13, Sunway Nexis, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota                                  Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya.

Opening Hours: Everyday, 12 pm – 11 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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