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Frankly speaking, I have not been exposed much to Korean cuisine. LAME – I know. When everything Korean has taken the world by storm including Malaysia, from their music to pop culture to their fashion and cuisine, me being the blur that I am , have not gotten caught up in that bandwagon yet.

I was driving around Sungai Buloh and came across this bunch of low density buildings that completely stood out against the norm of Sungai Buloh, or at least my idea of that town. I’ve always seen Sungai Buloh as a messy disorganized township, so naturally this elegant simplistic buildings stands out.


Thanks to Google, I got to know that this place is referred to as the LGSB Comercial Centre. It was planned and developed in a nice and elegant way – however, most of the shops are still up for rent/sale. Besides a few cafes, a wedding planner, furniture shops, bakery and a grocery store – the rest are vacant spaces. If this location was in Kuala Lumpur instead of Sungai Buloh, I would not mind snatching a spot in those buildings for myself. I still cant figure out why are there so many vacant spaces available at LGSB – hmmm, perhaps the people of this town are relatively reluctant to accept much change and modernization?

Anyways, one of the cafes here is 3B Drip & Dutch. This cafe is everything Korean in culinary sense – Korean coffee beans and cuisines.  The cafe itself looks grand. There are 2 store room size private rooms and 2 open seatings which takes up half of the cafe and the other half is taken up by the cashier counter and Korean things like coffee machines and anything else relation with coffee that are for sale.





and now to the private rooms …..


Pin/Password keypad
Room Key

I have never been to a cafe with this sort of concept. Of course, many cafes these days comes along with private and/or discussion rooms, but this felt more like a hotel room lol. The room is made up of glass walls on 3 sides and a brick wall on 1 side. So, you can literally enjoy the view  and happenings of the inside of the cafe and you can also enjoy the view the outside offers you. You are also given a room key card because the door locks automatically upon closing. It also has a pin number/ password keypad on the side of the door to enable someone on the outside to get in if the door is closed. How cool is that? Now you get why compared this to a hotel room? It totally feels like one.



Double Dutch 2.0, 15.50 ringgit


This drink come with a glass cup with a chunk of ice in the shape of a brown bear + milk + dutch coffee + syrup. So, depending on how you like your coffee – whether its extra milky or a lot of coffee till you taste its bitterness, you get to create your own mixture. This is a brilliant concept, because for someone like me, who does not really fancy coffee and its bitterness, it would be better if I was able to create my own drink and boy did I enjoy my own creation. I loved it. It contained just enough bitterness while also being milky and sweet. It was divine. The whole experience was simply divine. It definitely is worth 15.50 ringgit.

Ramyeon in the Golden Pot, 16.90 ringgit


This for me looked and tasted like a higher- end maggie mee, which made sense because just like Maggie Mee is the Malaysian version of instant noodles, the Ramyeon is the Korean version. It tasted similar and equally as delicious. There was the soft noodles in spicy gravy + some vegetables + half of a boiled egg with a side of sausages and two vegetables. I liked this dish. The spiciness of the curry/gravy complemented the soft noodles very well and the sides only aided to further turn the dish flavorful. I throughly enjoyed it.

Would I head there again?

Of course. This cafe offers an environment that is different, the coffee tasted very nice and food was equally as good. So, if I happen to be in the area, will definitely drop by.

Address: 21 G & 1, LGSB 1/4, Off Jalan Hospital, 47000                             Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Opening hours:  Tuesdays to Thursdays, 11 am – 9 pm,                                         Fridays to Sundays, 11 am to 12 am,

                                 Mondays Closed

Signing out now, Ciao.


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