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PALEOLICIOUS @ Desa Sri Hartamas- Yummy healthy food (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

PALEOLICIOUS is a newly opened cafe in Desa Sri Hartamas, just 3 months old. I did not actually plan on heading to this cafe, it was more of a case of it being open at the right time. I initially intended to go to Naughty Nyonya’s, a barely month old restaurant that offers peranakan cuisine. The thing with very new cafes are that there isn’t much details available online in regards to the time of their operations, as they have not garnered the attention of people yet. For instance – open for lunch and dinner, would that mean 11 am? 12 pm? 1 pm? It is rather hard to say as some restaurants/cafes offer lunch at 11.30.  I arrived at Naughty Nyonya’s at 11.15 and inquired about the timing, only to be told that they only open doors at 12 pm. So, I had 45 minutes to wait and I was already hungry, since I skipped breakfast with intentions of having brunch. I figured that I will give naughty Nyonya’s a pass this time and scout around for something else and this is when I came across Paleolicious.


PALEOLICIOUS accommodates the concepts of the Paleo Diet into their meal preparations. So basically, they do not use dairy products and artificial flavorings, keeping it as simple and natural as possible. 



Salmon En Papillote with Couliflower Rice, 33.90 ringgit


This has a Korean spin to it, with Kimchi accompanying the cauliflower fried rice. There is also a piece of baked salmon glazed in lemon juice and steamed vegetables on the side. Overall, the dish tasted good and was filling. I suggest not ordering this if you do not have an empty tummy as you would not be able to truly enjoy this flavorful fried rice. Using cauliflower instead of actual rice made no difference, it tasted like I was eating actual fried rice – how awesome is that? The baked salmon was a little too well done for me, I like my salmon a little more moist as this would be bordering a little dry if it was not for the salmon glaze. Other than that, this dish was delicious albeit a little pricey.  I most probably would not want to spend another 34 ringgit on this dish again, but in this part of the world at least, mostly with regards to cafes and modern restaurants – the more healthier a dish is, it is usually more expensive.  So yea, if you fancy something filling yet healthy, do give this a go. 

Creamy Chicken Zoodles, 19.80 ringgit


This was another delicious dish. The thing that really got my attention was its smell and taste. It actually tasted and smelled exactly like a ‘Sothi’, a traditional indian gravy made of primarily fresh coconut milk. I kid you not – as the food arrived, the instant I smelled it, was like a light bulb powered up in my head because it smelled sooo familiar and as soon as I tasted it, the smell and taste coincided – Sothi, that was what it was. The difference between this dish and Sothi is that the latter usually comes with glass noddles that is submerged by the gravy, the former comes with thick zucchini noodles that is not overwhelmed by any gravy. Secondly, where Sothi is usually watery and/or slightly thick, the zucchini noodles was accompanied by thick creamy gravy. It tasted yummy. It was flavorful and generous amounts of chicken chunks + steamed vegetables accompanied the noodles.  I’ve got no complains, may even give this dish a go again when I head to PALEOLICIOUS in the future.

Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. I like the ambiance and the food was good. Not in the near future though as Desa Sri Hartamas is not an area I usually hang out at and this cafe/restaurant is slightly on the pricier side, so it would not be a place I would make a regular spot. 

Address: 58, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480                           Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 10 pm,                                        Mondays Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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