Katie’s Stove @ Taman U-Thant – Decent food, environment (NAME CHANGED/RENAMED)

Katie’s Stove is now called Restaurant/Restoran Kenangan. It is run by the same folks + additional partners.


Today I headed to Katie’s Stove. Based on the pictures I saw on Google images, it looked pretty nice.  The food looked good, and the environment looked kind of fancy. Decided to give it a go because I fancied something different, something more localized rather than the usual westernized cafe delicacies.

As I arrived, there literally was a small bazaar being held at the restaurant’s front – selling things ranging from shirts to food and decorations. The helpful thing about bazaars are that they are able to provide you sort of an idea as to which race will predominantly visit this establishment. Since everyone of the bazaar vendors were malays/muslims, I assumed that this restaurant caters to a predominantly malay/muslim crowd. My assumption was further verifiable when upon entering the restaurant, I observed that all the customers except myself, were malay/muslims. That being said, no one treated me differently or weirdly. I was treated just as they would any other customer, muslim or not. That for me held importance because in some cases, when there is one dominant race that frequents an establishment, the other races most often are made to feel uncomfortable, whether intentionally or not. This was not the case here and for that I was glad. The decor inside looked slightly run down but other than that, it was a pleasant environment. 




*** I had ONE thing I had issues with – the staff’s lack of knowledge in regards to the dishes – what is popular and what is not, what is the difference between 2 similar dishes. This was kind of a put off because I ordered 4 dishes ( at separate times) and every single time, whenever I asked what was popular or what does the dish consist of, the server tells me to wait while she runs off to get the boss. So, that would be 4 times of running of and calling the boss. However, it was a good thing that the boss was almost always nearby, so I did not need to for a long time and he was also attentive and easily divulged the information I needed.

Sago Gula Melaka, 3 ringgit


This was meant to be a dessert, but since it was a relatively light one, decided to give this a go while waiting for the main dish, after all, this is one of my favourite local dessert, so why not indulge lol. Sago gula melaka basically consist of mini sago balls + coconut milk + gula melaka. The sago tasted very weird – in my sister’s words ” tasted like the armpit of a very old jacket”? How she knew how old jackets tasted like is beyond me lol. I agree with her though – it tasted really weird, the kind that has those manufacturing/factory chemical taste.  So, in the end, we pushed the sago aside and drank the coconut milk + gula melaka syrup because that tasted good. I would not order this again though. Tasted better elsewhere.

Rice Set: Ayam Masak Lemon, 12.90 ringgit


This was a yummy dish. The lemon chicken was delicious, moist and crunchy. The sir fried cabbage and soft rice complimented the chicken well. However, they seemed to have forgotten to pour gravy over the lemon chicken because the chicken while being moist,was pretty dry and so was the rice. So, I had to eat the rice under the chicken because that was the only part that contained some grave, the rest I basically had to take a spoon of rice, rub it against the chicken to get some gravy on and then eat it. In the end, I got tired of it, decided to eat the chicken and the vegetables and leave half a plate of rice behind.  Well, this was definitely one way for a dish to go from a good dish to a decent one. I would order this dish again, however I would specifically tell them that I prefer that there be more gravy this time. 

Orange Velvet, 12.90 ringgit


This was yummy. According to the owner, this was their bestselling cake and now I know why. Presentation wise,rather quickly it can be deduced this is not a cake made by some fancy bakery or pastry chef. It did not possess that level of sophistication and finesse. This looked more like a cake made at home, or not – but i am sure you get what I am trying to say. The taste though, was delicious. Just like lemon cakes, orange cakes were not really my thing, but this cake was definitely an exception. The orange flavor did not overwhelm the cake, it was a perfect equilibrium between the orange flavor and the other ingredients that made up the cake. It was not too sweet , it was pleasant and the whole cake combination tasted very nice. I would definitely give this another go.

Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters), 10.90 ringgit


By the time we ate the cake, we were almost full. Just as we were packing up, a plate of cucur udang passed us smelling sooo good. So yea, we ended up ordering a plate of those for ourselves – talk about indulging, lol. It was yummy. Crunchy and fresh off the pan hot, it was very yummy. Some cucur udang with a lot of flour, literally fried lumps for flour with very little other ingredients – those I do not fancy. This however, had flour fried in small bits + prawns + onions = crunch cucur udang, and these I like, very much.

Would I head here again?

I do not think so, as I almost never am around this area. Besides that, this kindda food is not really my cup of tea. Additionally, did i mention that the lady owner was quite snobbish and stuck up? Yes, she was. I was there on a weekend. The person that served me was the co owner? The lady’s son. He was very nice, respectful and attentive. The lady boss was busy outside dealing with the bazaar. However, at certain points, she does come in and towards the end, when I was paying, i had to deal wit her – so yea. That was the impression I got of her, the uppety kind that thinks she is too good for anyone? Yup, that kind. I do not think I am heading back there. 

Address: Lorong Nibong, Taman U-Thant, 55000, Kuala                       Lumpur.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, 12 pm – 9 pm,                                           Saturdays and Sundays, 8.30 am – 10 pm,                                Mondays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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