DOMA @ Mont Kiara- Real tasty Korean Fried Chicken (Permanently CLOSED)

Okay, so the Korean Fried Chicken phenomenon have been around for quite some time now and has garnered loads of fans along the way – except me. Yup, again, I know. I seem to be missing all the trends and phenomenons. However, better late than never, right? I did not get what the hype was about though about Korean Fried Chicken? I have been hearing  about it a lot of late  and there seem to be shops popping every corner in Kuala Lumpur/ Selangor that offers this delicacy.  I mean – how different could this fried chicken be compared to any other fried chicken. 

.….. and then, I tasted it. Yes! Now I can proudly say that I have tasted this Korean Fried Chicken and in summary – it tasted soooo GooooD !! There is a difference between this fried chicken and the other ones. It was so good, sooooo good. Be warned though that with many restaurants popping up serving this dish, naturally not all of them serve excellent and tasty Korean Fried Chicken. So do your research before trying them or you will just end up  with mediocre fried chickens. I chose Doma to have my first Korean fried chicken experience because my sister suggested it and she loves her Korean fried chicken – so, I can’t go wrong, right? 




Doma Korean Fried Chicken (Half), 30.74 ringgit


The Korean Fried Chicken also known as KFC, came with 2 options – sweet soy and sweet chili and for today, I decided on the latter. The dish basically consisted of about 8 big chunks/pieces  of fried chicken. The chicken meat was tender and juicy, the skin was thin and crispy. The sweet chili sauce acted more as a ‘ganache’, whereby it was glazed all around the chicken skin. It contained enough chili sauce that you were able to taste it all the way into the meat but not to an extend that it was dripping. As you can see from the image above, the sauce seemed to have sipped into the meat because it looked rather dry as oppose to the usual image you would associate with chili sauce – wet and slimy. Do give this a try cause just like me – you do not know what good fried chicken taste like till you go Korean. 

Doma’s KFC Burger, 17 ringit


This was a simple yet delicious burger. It basically consisted of a relatively big chunk of tender Korean fried chicken + tomatoes + lettuce + butter sauce with some fries on the side. When I bit into the burger, I could mostly taste the kfc with butter sauce, the taste of tomatoes and lettuce sort of disappeared behind the scene, which was good. I dislike eating a burger when the taste of tomatoes overwhelm it. So, this burger suited me well. The butter sauce that accompanied the chicken burger was yummy. It tasted like sweet butter chicken sauce to me – sweetish, buttery, milky and thick. Imagine that poured all over crunchy, meaty, crispy fried chicken? Yup, exactly what I felt, sooooooo yummy! Having the whole burger itself was filling, very filling, no fries was necessary. However, since it accompanied the burger, decided to give it a go, just for taste. It was fries at its basic, just fries and salt. Tasted good but not really necessary since the burger itself was very filling. That being said, I loved it, with or without the fries. Definitely worth giving it a go.

Would I head here again?

If I am in the area and fancy myself some Korean Fried Chicken, will certainly head to Doma.

Address: 15-0-1E, Mont Kiara Shoplex, Jalan Kiara, Mont                     Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 2 am

Signing out now, Ciao.


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