Monkey Noodle Bar @ Paramount Garden – Yummy noodless (Permanently CLOSED )

Decided to go for some noodles today, somewhere new. By new here, I do not mean new literally but more in regards to a place I do not normally venture into – Taman Paramount/ Paramount Garden. 

It has been about two years since my last visit here and I most say, the change is pretty obvious. Quite a number of contemporary /modern cafes and restaurants has made this place there home. It was visually obvious because the last time I was here, it consisted mainly of those old school Chinese restaurants. This was definitely an exciting revelation.




As you can see from the menu, while the name of this cafe suggest that they would be a noodle only eatery, worry not as they also serve toast and rice.

Fei Chai’s Sarawak Konlo Mien (Chicken + Potato Curry), 13.90 ringgit


The noodles used are as depicted in the picture – yellow, thin and sticky. Half the things on the menu, I did not understand. What is Pork Pho? Zao Chai Noodles? Konlo Mien? No idea. So, I asked the lady attending my table – which one was dry noodles, as I was not really up for curry and/or wet noodles today, and she pointed to the Konlo Mien option.  With that option, you get to choose sides from a selection of 5 choices of which I chose the second option, Chicken + Potato Curry. The noodles were simple yet yummy. Once you mix those warm, sticky noodles with the rest of the items that accompanied it – fried onions, spring onions, mustard leaves and you get a burst of flavors, then mix a little bit of the vegetable soup you get on the side and mix it all up – what would you get? A bowl of delectable noodles!  Notice how I excluded the simple egg omelette that accompanied the noodles? Yup. The egg tasted bleh – kindda tasteless and I tried eating it with the noodles only to realise it was a case of the noodles adding some taste to the omelette as oppose to vice versa. So, my advise is, eat the omelette on its own or discard it all together.  It definitely cannot outweigh the greatness of the chicken + potato curry.  If you like Chinese style chicken curry and rather than the usual watery version, you get it thick and milky , this is definitely a must order. It was really good and they were generous enough to give you a large chunk of meaty chicken, what more do you need? This was a wholesome, filling and delicious dish. I would give this a go again.

Chicken Katsu Rice, 14.90 ringgit


This dish consisted of a bowl rice, boneless chicken and vegetable soup. It was another simple dish. The chicken was cooked in a chicken chop kindda way? You get a relatively large piece of fried chicken fillet that is cut into small pieces accompanied wit a side of mayonnaise and chili sauce. It was kind of difficult trying to swallow the rice + chicken fillet because it was pretty dry. I tried adding in some of the vegetable soup broth but I just did not do it for me, it did not taste appealing. Decided to add in the chicken curry that accompanied the noodle and it tasted pretty nice and so that was how I ate my chicken katsu rice, with chicken curry. Do not worry when you are out of curry, like I did, lol. No joke, I consumed it within 10 minutes because it was soo yummy, it was gone.  If you ask nicely, they would generously refill your curry bowl. While this was a good dish, it is not something I would order again. It feels like a general dish, something you can get anywhere? That was how it came across to me. So yea.

** For drinks, warm or cold – do give their watercress a go, it is simply delicious. Warm watercress drink goes for 5.90 ringgit and cold watercress drink goes for 8.90 ringgit. It is not something they got out of a tin, bottle or grocery store, it is naturally made. Not too sweet, appealing to my taste buds.


Would I head here again?

Oooo yes, definitely. Good environment, good food – why not, right?

Address: No. 29, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling                  Jaya.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 3 pm, 6pm – 10pm

                              Mondays Closed

Signing out now, Ciao.


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