Strangers @ 47, Sek. 17 PJ – Crepes :)

Another cafe located in Seksyen 17,  Strangers @ 47 is notably known as crepe central. If you like crepes – they offer a variety. So, first up – everything served at Strangers @ 47 are accompanied with crepes. They do not have burgers, noodles, sandwiches and etc. Nope, but they do offer you options. 2 options to be exact – the Sweet and the Savoury, depending on what you fancy. if you decided to have some light desserts – they offer a selection of  crepe based dessert and cakes or if you decide on something heavier, more a main meal kindda thing, then they also offer you savouries – salmon + crepe, Korean Fried Chicken + crepe.






Kayaman, 13 ringgit


This right here was the BOMB! If you like pandan kaya, mini goreng pisangs (fried bananas), a crepe and a scoop of vanilla ice cream – then go for the Kayaman please!  I loveeeeeed it. The combination of crunchy fried bananas + sweetness from kaya and vanilla ice cream + thin pancake-like crepe was really good.  While this was definitely a sweet dish, the sweetness eases up on you slowly. You get a variety of sweetness – thick and creamy kaya sweetness that sneaks up on you, you get the sweetness from the ice cream that immediately hits you and finally the sweetness from the fried bananas, that would hit you the last because you need to get over the layer of crunchiness before being able to experience the sweet. I loved it, definitely will order it again.

Purple Rage, 9 ringgit


This was an okay dish, not really my cup of tea. It basically consisted of sweet potato crepe, bits of sweet potatoes, sago and pandan gula melaka. It did not feel as flavorsome as Kayaman. With ingredients like sweet potato (the kind that does not contain as much sweetness as it should ) and sago, you need quite a bit of sugar/sweetness to bring out its flavor. The case here however was that the whole dish felt pretty BLEH… to me. It had flavor, but that is it – nothing memorable. Will give this dish a pass the next time.

Would I head here again?

Oooo yes, Did you not hear me rave about Kayaman! A light yet delicious dessert – YES!

Address: No. 47, Jalan 15/45, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling                     Jaya.

Opening hours: Mondays,Wednesdays to Fridays,11 am –                                10 pm

                               Saturdays and Sundays, 9am – 10 pm.

                               Tuesdays Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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