Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee – Still my all time favourite. Yum !

Okay , to be honest – I have not tried all the wan tan mee around Kuala Lumpur yet but among the ones I have tried so far, this one right here is the best.  Hands down. Located just few doors away from the Sungai Besi Volkswagon Service Center, this makeshift restaurant would be easily missed, if you are not familiar with the location. However, fret not – it is on Waze, yay !!. By day – it is a car service shop and legally – I assume that is all it is suppose to be. At night though, half of that service shop is turned into a  makeshift restaurant. There is not proper establishment to properly indicate that it is a restaurant, however with loads of tables and chairs everywhere and most importantly – lots of people, it is rather hard to overlook this wan tan mee shop.


** I apologize for the limited pictures. It was really full when I headed there and while certain parts was easily accesible, the other parts were not. In that process of business and everyone moving everywhere – I also was not able to snap a picture of the menu. Perhaps when I head there again, on a weekday, I will snap more pictures to enable you guys to get helpful visuals. 

Wan Tan Mee + Char siew (Medium) , Price: TBConfirmed


This was some good stuff, yaww ! Like, seriously. The noodles were soaked to the right extent – which means it is soft and moist and the pieces of pork meat (char siew) that accompanied the noddles were thick and meaty. Some of the shops I go to that serves wan tan noodles stinge especially in regards to the thickness of the mean. It seems like the lesser the thickness of the meat, the better it is for them. This sucks, because you can hardly enjoy the char siew – its taste and richness. The fact that they provide you thick pieces of char siew here makes them an absolute delight and add in good wan tan noodles = Yummyness!!

The belacan/Sambal, Free of Charge 


Okay, this side dish is definitely worth a mention. We Malaysians loves our sambal belacan.  No matter how good a main dish is, a sambal belacan is usually served along side it simply because we like eating them together. This sambal belacan right here is the bomb. The kind that has less chili but more dried prawns. Do not get me wrong, it still provides the hotness effects associated with chilies, but dang the whole existence of dried prawns in abundance sure does make all the difference.  If I am not eating this with my wan tan noodles, you can definitely see me eating it on its own while waiting for my noodles.

Chicken Curry, Price: TBConfirmed


If you like thick and milky flavorsome Chinese Chicken Curry – do go for this. It is really good and the pieces of chicken that comes with the curry are usually very meaty – so, that is a plus. I order this almost everytime I head there.

Would I head here again?

I already am. I head there at least twice a month and I am certainly going to continue heading there in the months to come.

Address: No. 302, Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala                                   Lumpur

Opening hours:  Everyday, 7 pm – 3 am


  Signing out now, Ciao.




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