The Carpenter’s Daughter @ USJ 10 – Deliciously yummy selection of breads, pastries & cafe food

So, this cafe has been around for some time, a little more than 5 years, nestled in the USJ 10 precinct of Subang Jaya – has been relatively low key.  I mean, they have been around for a while, yet not many of us KL folks know of the existence of this eatery.  I guess if you fancy yourself some real good bread – you most probably would know of this cafe because when you love something, I am sure you are willing to travel, through rain or shine, just to have the best ones out there. I on the other hand, while I like bread, I am not that big of a fan , I am totally cool with going to to the deli downstairs and purchase their mediocre bread,so I most probably would not have heard of this cafe unless I accidentally stumble upon it or someone tells me about it, which is the case here – a friend of mine told me to give this cafe a try because the bread was awesome. Why not, right?





The minute you enter the cafe – the smell of freshly made bread hits you. Sooooo gooood! and you are visually hit by a selection of breads, right there as soon as you enter.


This cafe exudes a very homely ambiance, not the typical feel you would usually get from a cafe.  Yea, I am sure at times you would see me use the word homely to refer to some cafes because they make you feel welcome and offer some sort of comfort but this cafe literally gives you a homely feel. It feels as though you have entered a persons’ home. However, that only last for about 15 minutes tops – because soon enough, you will find the regulars paying this cafe a visit to buy their daily/weekly bread. I gave their Honey Oat (RM 6.90 for half a loaf) and Walnut Raisin Muesli (RM 6.90 for a full loaf) a try – and it was delicious! If you like soft,sweet raisins in your bread, then the Walnut Raisin Muesli is a must. I have got no complains except for the fact that I wish they added more raisins, lol. The Honey Oat was really good as well. If you like your bread brown, with lots of crunchy bits on the side, then you would fancy this. I sure did.

Then, there was pastries ….


and I decided to give their Raisin Scones a try.

Scones, 3 ringgit


The scone came along with some strawberry jam. This was pretty good. If you fancy something light but not too sweet – give this a try. There was plenty of raisins in there, level of sweetness that is not overpowering, soft and warm. Take a spoon of some scones and add on some jam, it was really good. I liked it very much.


Pesto Pasta, 19.90 ringgit


This was yummy! Plenty of olive oil, chicken bits, lentils, pesto and pasta. I usually prefer my pesto pasta creamier that the one served here, but its good taste made up for it.  It was by no means dripping wet – nope, the top part was dry and the portions underneath was soaked in olive oil + pasta. So, it was mostly oilier rather than wetter. I haven’t come across many pesto pastas served with lentils, so this was quite the experience. Surprisingly, the lentils made the whole dish even better, offering a source of crunchiness to the otherwise soft and moist dish. A good dish indeed.

Signature Chicken Pie, 16.90 ringgit


This dish I would not order again. In regards to the pie – the pie filling was pretty good. Soft chicken bits with carrots + mushrooms were yummy. However, the pastry that cocoons the filling, was pretty blend and dry. This sort of reduced the overall deliciousness of the pie because while the filling was delicious, it was pretty dry and then you add on a pastry that is also dry. Ultimately, the while pie was dry that it easily overlooked the yumminess of the chicken filling. Then, there was the rather big chunk of mash potatoes + gravy. I prefer it more softer and creamier, so this did not do it for me. Going to give this a miss the next time I head there.

Would I head here again?

Yes, I am in love with the selection of breads available.  It taste as good as it smells. Also looking forward to trying the other items on the menu.

Address:  No. 46 G, Jalan USJ 10/1E, USJ, Subang Jaya,                            47620 Selangor.

Opening hours: Everyday, 8.30 am – 10 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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