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Commoner’s Space @ Shah Alam – A pleasant surprise (Halal)

I have not really ventured much into Shah Alam mostly because of it housing predominantly one race and naturally almost all the cafes here are also owned and run by those majority. I do not have a problem with visiting an outlet that is located in an area whereby the difference in races are obvious – not at all, it is just that when you head to these kind of cafes – the experience is bound to be super good or very bad.  The few cafes I have attempted to visit that fits similar criteria as the ones in Shah Alam ended up being a miserable experience for me – there was the language barrier, the weird looks people give you because you are not ‘the kind’ that usually visits that area or cafe… get my drift?It is just a big experience of weirdness overload. It isn’t like they are hurling insults at you – nope, they are nice, friendly but sometimes you just feel weirded out. It is the same feeling you get when you are in your car driving around in the city when you see a cow trying to cross the road in front of you. It is not something so mind blowing that would leave you in a state of shock – nope, I am sure you have seen in before, I know I have but seeing it in a rural area is totally normal, seeing that same scene in a crowded city/urban road is bound to get create attention. 

However, since I am in the business of blogging, penning my thoughts on food, it would be ignorant of me to entirely distance myself from Shah Alam just because of my prior experiences, especially since the cafe scene in this district has been blooming. So, this is how I found myself here at Commoner’s Space. 



The atmosphere inside was pleasant. As soon as you enter the cafe, you are greeted and informed that orders are made at the counter. There certainly would not be a language barrier here as they are able to converse well in English, yay. There were groups of people here and there, talking and laughing which made the ambiance all the more jovial and cheery. No doubt, besides me and my partner, the rest were made up of the majority race. However, the difference were paid no attention to, there was no weird looks and etc. I felt totally at ease, everyone was friendly and nice. 


Choco Brownie, 7 ringgit


While waiting for lunch to arrive, I decided to munch and satisfy my sweet tooth and this was exactly what I needed. The Choco Brownie was a chocolate filled light and fluffy plate of gooeyness. It was not overly sweet, just the right amount to make it pleasant and not overpowering. Yum.

Linguine Cremeuse Pesto, 14 ringgit + Chicken Breast, 6 ringgit



If you love creamy pasta, then do give this a try.  It was delicious. The pesto sauce was rich and creamy and the added spice made it a more localized dish. The sunflower seeds offered this creamy dish a sense of crunchiness that does not usually accompany a creamy pasta but works extremely well. The roasted chicken breast was simple with just a pinch of spice and salt. This was a side dish and if you do not need some meat in your pasta, then feel free to just forego the chicken. It is just as good with it as it is without it. 

Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Chicken Sandwich, 15 ringgit


Do you see the cheese oozing out of that thing? OMG Yummmmmmm ! It was like a sandwich pizza style – never ending cheese. I love cheese, so naturally – I loved this sandwich. The bread of the day was sourdough + Charcoal. That is right, all breads served are their own. It was crunchy, which worked well as a sandwich. This sandwich had a sweet flavor from the caramelized onions, a BBQ like flavor from the chicken, gooey and thick creaminess from the cheese and crunchiness from the sourdough bread – a combination that worked very well. I loved it.

Would I head here again?

This cafe was pleasant and inviting and to top it off, the food was tasty and delicious. Although I most probably would not be able to visit this cafe as much as I would like due to the distance, whenever I am in the area though – would certainly drop by.

Address: No. 71, Jalan Snuker 13/28, Seksyen 13, 40100                       Shah Alam.

Opening hours: Mondays to Wednesdays, Saturdays &

                               Sundays, 10 am – 10 pm.

                               Fridays, 4 pm – 10 pm.

                               Thursdays Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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