Bibisik @ Skypark, OneCity USJ – Really good Indoasian cuisine. (Permanently CLOSED)

I had to head to OneCity twice to be able to eat at Bibisik. Why? because of Waze! Why? because the location was wrongly tagged. One City is like this mini island of shops and a hotel. There is the hotel that also houses several shops and restaurants, that building is big and tall, then other row of shops outside of that building are just made up of  double, triple story shops lots.  The reason I say that it is a mini island of sorts is due to the fact that while there are houses nearby, they belong to another neighbourhood. This mini island strictly made up of businesses.  Anyways, Waze will lead you to OneCity, which is great but once you are in OneCity – there is where the problem is.  According to Waze, Bibisik is located among those double, triple story business lots – exactly where Ubi Kayu Restaurant currently is. Boy, was I disappointed. It was mind boggling because Bibisik opened January this year and barely 2,3 months has passed – it is closed? replaced by another restaurant? How is that even possible? So yea, I ended up eating at a Chinese restaurant few doors away and then proceeded to take a walk around just to see what available. As I was walking around, guess what – I found Bibisik! So, Bibisik is not located among the double, triple shop lots, nope. It is located in the bigger building attached to the hotel. It is pretty easy to find as there seem to be only one hotel within OneCity. 


The ambiance is cozy and relaxing. Decor resembled that of an old school large indo Asian home. Pretty cool. Bibisik serves a diverse crowd, at least that was the impression I got when I was there. There were Chinese, Malays and Indians, all are welcome here. The staff were friendly and attentive and food arrived pretty quick. What more does a customer need to feel satisfied? 



Nasi Goreng Bibisik, 9.90 ringgit


This dish is basically an Indonesian styled fried rice served with homemade sambal, chicken pieces and scallions + fried egg. Okay, so presentation wise it looks pretty ordinary, but do not let that fool you. This was a really good fried rice. It literally felt like I could go on eating it forever. I would not say that it was spicy, I mean – it was, but it was more sweet spiciness than spicy spiciness, get my drift?  It was soo good. The chicken and egg and delicious fried rice – yummy!

Mee Mamak Balik Pulau, 8.90 ringgit


The Mee Mamak Balik Pulau is a Mamak style fried noodle that includes yellow noodles, prawn fritters, beancurd slices and choy sum.Okay, again – presentation wise, this dish was mediocre, but taste wise – YUMMY!!  If you like you fried noodles a little wet, then do for this. The only downside to this is that this dish come only with those yellow noodles. I love noodles and my like them using Bee hoon/Mee hoon as oppose to the yellow noodles and in most cases, using a different noodle to do the same dish would not be a problem but here however, they only serve the Mee Mamak Balik Pulau with yellow noodles. I decided to give it a go anyway since it was their recommended dish if you fancy noodles. I do not regret it one bit. It was really good. I have not eaten mamak yellow noodles for several months and I sure was glad to have my first taste since at Bibisik. It was a little wet, moist, slightly spicy and very flavorful. Loved it!.

Would I head here again?

Yes! I certainly will! The place was inviting, food was really good and price was really affordable. 

Address: D-GF-8, Ground Floor, Skypark at OnceCity,       Jalan USJ 25/1, OneCity, 47650 Subang Jaya.


Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am – 10 pm


Signing out now, Ciao.


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