Gravy Baby @ Taman Desa – Awesome Pies

On my way to Flour ( Flour @ Damansara Heights – Really good, delicious food. ) in Damansara Heights,  as I go around the block in search of parking, I would often past a groovy and very disco 70’s theme bombastically lit restaurant, just a few doors away from Flour. I remember going “waaaaaaaaaahh” , every single time I passed it cause its lighting is eye popping.  This awesomely lit restaurant is called Gravy Baby. I never knew what it was, often thinking it was some bar or something. 

I fancied myself some pie today and my man suggested that we head to Gravy Baby, and I was like ” whaaaaat? it’s actually a restaurant? waaaaahh”. Rather to heading to the one in Damansara Heights, we decided to check out their first over outlet , at Taman Desa. Yea – the original one, lol.  

  • I did not managed to snap a picture of the awesomely lit “Gravy Baby” because it was raining.  The next time I head there, will provide a snapshot. Till then, the most brightly and artistically lit outlet would be Gravy Baby, not too difficult to locate it.


The place is relatively small, the inner part of this restaurant is the kitchen where all the pies are made, including the ones for their other outlet. So only half of the restaurant and the outside is for customers. Not that I am complaining though, there was plenty of space available. 


Chicken & Mushroom Pie + Mash + Green Peas, 26 ringgit


This was sooooooooo good! I love pies, and this was really yummy. Many pies I’ve come across here usually have a thick layer of pastry/flour – which I hate because it tends to overwhelm the overall taste of the pie, no matter how great the filling is. That was not the case here, thank god. The pasty was not too thick and not too thin, just the right amount of thickness. When you cut the pie into half – the ratio of the pie pastry to its filling is 1:3 – yes, it had more filling that the pastry, YAY!!  The filling was yummy. Plenty bits of chicken and mushroom scattered everywhere. The filling was not liquidy, instead contained a whole lot of solids. It was perfectly seasoned and boy – I was a happy kid!!! The green peas and mash were equally as good. You wont be able to find even a tiny bit of solid potato in the mash. It was all mashed up to its maximum and seasoned – soooo good yaw! The green peas – that is another delicious side. It was buttery and crunchy all in one. The whole dish was soooo yummy. I can eat it every day.

Chocolate brownie, 16 ringgit


Looks good, doesn’t it? Do not be fooled by its looks though – I hated it. It tasted like an overload of the not so nice kind of chocolate fudge + a whole lot of sugar. The only thing I enjoyed about this dessert was the marshmallows and the caramel sauce on the top. 3 spoons into the brownie and I was beginning to get the mother of all headaches – so people, stay away from this brownie – it aint worth your 16 ringgit.

Would I head here again?

Oh Yes! Yes, yes, yes. I loved the pie. Definitely heading back for more and it opens till 3.30 am everyday yawww! How cool is that! I am gonna make this my late night pie craving spot! Yumm!

Address: No 5A, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, 58100                           Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:  Everyday , 7 am – 3.30 am

Signing out now, Ciao.


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