Naughty Nyonya @ Desa Sri Hartamas – Tasty peranakan food (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

Naughty Nyonya is a newly open restaurant (March 2017) in Desa Sri Hartamas. If you know where Naughty Nuri’s is, then you would have no problem locating this restaurant as one is located within the row of shops opposite to the other.




Naughty Nyonya’s ambiance exudes a cosy feel. The decor was not overly done, the artwork was pretty intriguing, there were plenty of old school pictures and a little bit of history in regards to the early peranakan people in Malaysia. Pretty cool.


Nasi Goreng Petai, Sambal Belacan & Acar + Pai Tee (Lunch Specials) , 18 ringgit


This fried rice was yummy. Did I mention that I loveeeee petai? Yup – love it, as a result, I’ll most probably end up farting a lot but I love it. I love the fried rice, delicious. There was plenty of petai scattered around the fried rice, egg, cabbage, green vegetables with sambal belacan + fermented vegetables on the side. This may sound and look like a relatively boring dish, but it is not. It is goood. delicious. The only one thing I wish I could change would be the texture of the rice itself, for a simple dish like this, I would have liked the rice to be a little more softer,moist. The rice here was more crunchier? Yea, but its just what I fancy, my palette, lol. My friend tried it and he had no issues with the rice at all. In fact, he could not stop himself from grabbing a few more spoons. 

Nyonya Laksa, 20 ringgit



This was actually a pretty good laksa. It had just the right amount of spice and hotness. I had running nose towards the end when I was almost done. There was egg + crabcake + taugeh + greens, vegetables + prawns + noodles, mee hoon.  Another wholesome dish, guaranteed to keep your tummy full, depends on what your tastebuds fancy for the day. 

Would I head here again?

Probably not. While food is good, it is not the best there is out there, if it was – then sure, I would head here again. I do not usually hang out in Desa Sri Hartamas, so going all the way there would not make sense if I can find something equally as good, closer to me. So yea, my issue is merely a ‘distance’ issue, not at all in regards to the food. If I am in the area though and fancy myself some peranakan cuisine, there I would certainly head to Naughty Nyonya’s.

Address: No. 28, Jalan 24/70 A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480                   Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours:  Lunch & dinner (Time to be confirmed)



Signing out now, Ciao.







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