Ka Fei Dian @ Amcorp Mall – My Go To Breakfast Kopitiam

Today was one of those days whereby my tastebuds, my head and my tummy was all in sync, lol and they all wanted a kopitiam breakfast. My go to kopitiam would be Ka Fei Dian. Yes, there are other more notable kopitiams around that literally has franchises at every corner around the city – like Old Town White Coffee, but I like Ka Fei Dian. It has that ‘hidden’ element to it – those who know it exist, knows and those who don’t, probably never would. People rarely write about it and lesser people talk about it. Customers are usually people who work at/around/nearby Amcorp Mall and people who got to know about it through their friends. Mine was the latter. A friend told me about this kopitiam, I visited it and I liked it. Yes, it is located in the mall but it has a neighborhood kopitiam feel to it. It is also one of those that has not been commercialized, yay – hence, better quality food.

While food is in better quality – it is by no means phenomenal in taste. If that is what you are after – then you are better of at a cafe or a proper restaurant. However, by kopitiam standards, this is quite delicious, in my opinion.



Β Asam Fried Mee Hoon + Rendang Chicken, 9.90 ringgit


This dish came with a generous amount of fried mee hoon noodles + 2 pieces of sambal chicken + egg + cucumber. The noodles were soft & moist and came relatively potent with asam flavor, which I loved. It makes eating it difficult. The chicken pieces were meaty & tender and the sambal aided in providing the whole dish a taste of spicyness. It was a tasty and filling dish for breakfast.

Curry Laksa, 10 ringgit


If you fancy yourself some laksa that is not as creamy but with equal amount of spiciness – then this is the dish for you. The noodles came in the usual 3 options – yellow mee, mee hoon or kuey teow, of which I opted for mee hoon. The noodles came in generous portion + egg + long beans + taugeh + a whole lot of spicy soup. It is definitely a wholesome dish, I intended to skip lunch today so having this for breakfast was no issue.Β 

Kopi Susu/ Coffee, 3.80 ringgit


Staying true to its kopitiam style, hot drinks are served in teacups. Taste-wise, it was pretty good. They did not stinge on the coffee, milk and sugar. It does not taste watered down like the ones I usually get at some of the other franchised kopitiams. I liked it.

Would I head here again?

Of course. Been heading there every once in a while, the past 3 years.

Address: G06B, Ground Floor, Amcorp Mall, Petaling Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Jaya, 46000 Selangor

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 7 pm

Signing out now, Ciao.


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