ETC. Cafe @ Petaling Street – A Simple Place with Good Food

This cafe is located near Chinatown, nestled within the same street that is home to Popular Book Store and the famous Hindu temple – Sri Mahamariamman Temple. 




As you can see, the decor is kept to its minimum, which worked in this case because it made the whole interior look spacious. Orders here were taken via table order, so no need to head to the counter unless when you intend to make payment. At the time I was there, loads of tourist dropped by and the office peeps. However, because the cafe was spacious and spaced out, I hardly heard much loud noise besides chatters every now and then. You also get this feel like you are in your own world. You take refuge in this cafe while watching the rest of the world go by. People outside walking to-and-fro, rushing to work, lorries parked by the roadside, dropping off packages and here I was, sitting indoor – relaxing. I kindda felt separated from the world outside, being able to take a step back and just watch as time goes by. I liked it.


Chicken Alla Pizzalola, 22 ringgit


This tasted really good. The boneless chicken fillet was cooked really well.It had a sweet and spicy taste to it + some black pepper sauce. Yumm! The mashed potato was heavenly. Exactly the way I loved it – without solid chuncks of it. What I got was a buttery, fluffy well seasoned mash – yay! I loved it. If I fancy something not too heavy but just right, would certainly go for this.

Big Breakfast, 16 ringgit


This was the Big Breakfast. It comes with a XL premium sausage, 2 slices of ham, mushrooms, scrambled egg, red beans and buttered toast wholemeal bread. Yummm! Another tasty dish. The red beans were the usual ones out of a can. Scrambled egg was delicious. I requested them to make the eggs ‘runny’ and they gave me exactly what I wanted. As for the sausage – well, I am not really a fan of those in general, but the half that I did eat tasted pretty good with chili sauce. I made a ham sandwich out of the ham + bread, and added a little of the scrambled egg into the mix – tasty! Just make sure that you are starving or that your stomach is somewhat empty to truly enjoy this dish. It is after all a rather filling dish.

Matcha Latte, 10 ringgit, Hot Chocolate, 9 ringgit


Both drinks very delicious. The hot chocolate was just nice and the latte was a little overpowering in its matcha powder. 

Would I head here again?

Oh yes. It is just 15 minutes drive from my workplace. A nice place to chill and watch the world go by + good food. Why not.

Address: No. 198, Jalan Tun H S Lee, Petaling Street, City                   Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am – 10 pm

                               Mondays Closed


Signing out now, Ciao.




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