Kedai Kopi Mee Bon @ Jalan Ipoh – An Alternative to the usual Dim Sum Franchises

** This will be a really short post – nothing much to write about dim sums, lol

I love dim sums. To me, they taste like a variety of flavorsome fishballs which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and utilized pork, chicken, fish and vegetables. I usually go to Jin Xuan Hong Kong Restaurant in Damansara Jaya or PJ Old Town for a dose of Dim Sum. However, there are times whereby I get tired of the franchise run restaurants and instead prefer the old school, by the road side chinese hawker like shops, which is what Mee Bon offers. 



Each mini bowls come in pieces of 3 and has a cost ranging from 2.50 ringgit to 5 ringgit. The pieces are relatively larger than the usual ones you get from other places. You would get the chose from an array of dishes that is spread out on a tray. The downside to this is that what you choose from the tray is given to you straight. There is no reheating and etc, so you most probably would not get it fresh and hot off the oven, that being said – it still retains some warmth though. So, no biggie. It tasted as dim sum should. Flavorsome and chewy.

Would I head here again?

Yes, been heading here the past 2 years.

Address: No. 491, Batu Tiga, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:  Everyday, 24 hours.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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