Yum Cha Cafe @ Petaling Street – Totally Worth the Trip (RELOCATED & RENAMED)

  • Yum Cha Cafe has moved to 5 Elements Hotel, Jalan Sultan. They are now operating under the name – Chinaz Cafe.


This cafe has been around for 3 to 4 years, yet there seem to be an air of mystery surrounding the existence of this cafe. None of the mainstream local bloggers covered this cafe and if it was not for the search terms I used on Google Search – unique ? underrated? hidden cafe in Petaling Street? (I do not quite remember what exactly I typed but those were the words I played around with) – I most probably would not have even knew such a cafe existed. 

This cafe is located along the same stretch that is home to Merchant lane and Chocha Foodstore. Just down the street. While both Merchant & Chocha are located on the Ground floor, this cafe is on the 1st floor. So, keep a look out for Signs/symbols as depicted in the images below.







The decor resembles what an old school chinese cafe would look like. It was relatively small, cozy and welcoming. There were ang pau packets on the wall, paintings of back in the day young Chinese women and many more. The cafe was well lit and had those mini  ceiling fans everywhere to keep the ventilation going.

Orders are taken by the table, so as soon as you enter, get yourself a comfortable table and place your order.


Nasi Lemak Yum Cha, 23 ringgit


If you have an empty stomach and intend to indulge – do go for this dish. It was soooo good. You get a whole plate of food that consist of – a piece of meaty chicken rendang, prawn + onion sambal, Japanese styled fried mushroom, anchovies, cucumber, peanuts and rice.  Sure, it is indulgent, the amount of calories you would be ingesting would be high but it is all worth it. Soooo yummy! Worth it.

Chicken Chop Fried Rice, 13 ringgit + Rojak, 5 ringgit


Today’s special was Chicken Chop Fried Rice and fresh apple juice, for 13 ringgit with an option to add on fruit rojak for 5 ringgit, which I did. So, all in all – I paid 18 ringgit for a full plate of fried rice + fresh apple juice + rojak? This is certainly one of those cafe that offers good value for money. 

The fried rice came in a generous amount, accompanied with fried boneless chicken fillet + black pepper sauce. If you like chinese style fried rice, then you enjoy this dish. The chicken was flavorful and crunchy and certainly aided in elevating the tastiness of the fried nice. Rojak was simple. It came with some fish crackers, water chestnut and thick rojak sauce. 

Their Specials changes everyday, head on to their Facebook page if you would like to keep an eye on the changes.

Would I head here again?


Address: No. 143 – 1, Jalan Petaling, Petaling Street,50000                   Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 8.30 – 5 pm

                               Sundays Closed




Signing out now, Ciao.


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