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March Azalea Kitchen @ Taman OUG – Something Different, yum.

March Azalea opened doors almost 3 months ago, mid March. You guys are most probably going – Aha! Now that is why the cafe is named march, because it started operating in March & Azalea, because hmmmm they decided to use Iggy Azalea as an inspiration or a muse?? It sounds weird but hey, it did cross my mind too, lol.

The real deal however was that Azalea is a flower in China, in March, it blooms into rows and rows and fields of pink and red bloom that is picturesque. The cafe owner decided to name this cafe March Azalea in memory of his father who liked the flower and loved watching it all bloom in March.



The cafe oozes spaciousness. It was designed in a way to accommodate loads of people without being overly stuffy and crowded. There was a lot of space to move around. I was told that beside dining in, the venue was also used to cater for events, so the arrangements made sense. The people behind March Azalea were both welcoming and attentive. The owner himself was very friendly and was more than willing to explain the cafe history with a smile on his face. It was a pleasant experience indeed. 

During weekdays, the cafe is usually quiet, with fewer patrons frequenting this eatery. Inability to find parking was cited to be the main reason for this occurrence, among other things. On weekends though, it’s a different story, the cafe. Loads of people pay a visit.


Sambal Petai Egg Rice, 13.80 ringgit


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This right here – is da bomb! So freakin yummy! The Petai Egg Rice is one of their signature dish, which also is their most popular. Initially, I was like – really? Petai & egg? Was I in the mood for petai? Not really, but figured to give it a try anyway, since it’s their popular dish and all. As soon as I got a mouthful, I was in love. There was petai, cucumber, sambal, soft boiled egg, rice and believe it or not – chicken floss. The burst of flavors kindda gets you by surprise. You kindda dig in thinking you would be expecting something spicy and filling but what you get in return is something sweetish and creamy and surprisingly not overwhelmingly filling.  The sweetness would be from the chicken floss, the creamyness would be from the soft boiled egg – when you break the egg in the middle, the yolk flows out and onto the rice at the bottom. The sweetness and creaminess + the sambal offers a pleasantly delicious burst of flavors. Loved it. 

Pesto Spaghetti with Seafood, 18.80 ringgit



I ordered this simply because I liked pesto.  I usually liked a whole lot of pesto in it,lol, which did not occur here, but it was nevertheless tasty. It had just enough pesto to taste and for flavor, about 3 prawns and scallops. Rather than the thicker pasta that most cafes here serve, this pesto pasta was made using spaghetti, thinner noodles. I must say – I kindda like it. However, if I were to choose though – I would still pick thicker noodles – not so much because the noodle size matters much but more so because thicker noodles means more pesto, yum!

Would I head here again?

A definite yes.

Address: No. 40, Jalan Awan Hijau, Taman Overseas                           Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:  Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays, 12                                     pm – 11 pm

                                Tuesdays Closed



Signing out now, Ciao.


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