Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar @ Mutiara Damansara – Very Satisfied, Love it.

So apparently, down the road from Ikea Bandar Utama – there is a cafe, a good at that. 


Located next to a Proton Showroom, Closer takes up a corner spot at the TSR building. It is well lit and has an open feel to it. Each table is located at a comfortable distance from one another – exactly how I like it. You also have an option to sit at the tables located at the side of the cafe which allows you plenty of sunshine, the middle of the cafe, if you like chatters and being right in the midst of it all – music, talks, people walking around and etc, then the middle seatings would do you good or if you fancy privacy, you can seat nearer to the kitchen which is located towards the inner part of the cafe. Pretty cool, isn’t? They have latest RnB hits playing , which only adds to the more welcoming feel this cafe exudes. 


Green Scramble with baked Portobello, 19 ringgit


Looks simple, right? Do not let that fool you though, it tasted great. This dish basically includes scrambled eggs with pesto + 2 slices of oregano bread + portobello mushroom. It is a light dish,  if you feel like having bits of different things on a plate or a yummy traditional cafe breakfast – this is the dish for you. I love pesto, I like my pesto pasta, pesto sandwiches and first time I am give pesto egg a try – Love it. This cafe prioritizes health and clean food, so be rest assured that dishes are as ‘clean and healthy’ as possible. The Portobello mushroom is baked in a foil which accompanied the mushroom presentation when served.The eggs were well done, with plenty of pesto,  which add a complementary flavor as oppose the the usual taste of scramble eggs. The oregano bread was plain and came with a square bit of butter. The dish as a whole may seem and look simple but it is da bomb! Really delicious. It is refreshing. Simple yet delicious at its best.

Teriyaki Chemistry, 20 ringgit


Man, this was goooooood ! They made a smart move using cranberry walnut bread as a base. Let me tell you why – because it offers a sweet flavor that seriously played a major role in making this sandwich delicious. The sandwich also comes with thick chicken slices/ pieces that is infused in teriyaki sauce, which offers this sandwich a somewhat spicy and flavorful punch and the salad greens offered a subtle crunchiness. The combination of sweet + spiciness + flavorful + crunchiness created a really good sandwich. Loved it.

Would I head here again?

Hell yes ! I definitely will. Loveeeeeeeeee the food and ambiance and people and also where it is located.

Address: G-02, Menara TSR, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara                               Damansara. 47800 Petaling Jaya.


Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9 am – 6 pm

                               Weekends, 8 am – 6 pm



Signing out now, Ciao




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