Kesom Cafe @ Aman Suria – Yummy Kelantanese Dishes (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

I like venturing into Aman Suria every now and then. It is rather unassuming and interesting, you tend to find new places to eat there and it often catches you by surprise. It feels like one of those situation whereby you head somewhere not looking for treasure but stumbles upon it anyway on the way – yup, I feel the same way about Aman Suria. I used to feel the same way about Damansara Uptown 10 years ago and then development started and that place just is not the same anymore. 

Kesom Cafe is one of those cafes that stays ‘under the radar’. There is no big signage to attract crowds, nope. However, judging from the crowd that frequented the cafe when I was there, it seems like it has a following. After all, it has been around since 2014 and it seemed to be the only eatery that offers authentic Kelantanese cuisine within the vicinity, so it is not surprise that despite its ‘under the radar’ persona, it still has its own following.


** See how small the signage is? In case you are still wondering where it is – it is right underneath Blook Warehouse, the one written in yellow and with white background.



As soon as you enter Kesom, you will see several of this notices (below) around, which helps answer questions like where to place my order? The steps/order as to how to place the order? So, this is great. 



Nasi Dagang, 7 ringgit + Ayam Berempah, 5 ringgit


Man, this was soooooo tasty yawww.  A totally ‘Value For Money’, good deal. Seriously, you get a full plate of goodies worth only 12 ringgit? and that too, in KL? Damn right! So, the dish comes with a mix of several kinds of rice + 1 boiled egg + acar + fish keropok + sambal + pickled vegetables. 

I do not know how to describe the dish. All I know is that if you want really good, delicious food that offers you a burst of flavors – this is it. I am not from the East Coast, so perhaps I am not the right person to comment on the deliciousness of this dish – for me, it was da bomb! My friend who accompanied me, he was from the East Coast and he was like ‘ Nah, it is Okay-lah. It is nice, but its not the best,” and I was like ” Say what???” So, there you go. 

Nasi Kerabu, 8 ringgit + Gulai Raja Berangkat, 6 ringgit


I was fascinated with the blue colored rice, lol.  The rice is apparently Basmati and is accompanied with salted duck egg + pickled vegetables + ulam + fish crackers + fried onions + acar + sambal, with a fish (Gulai Raja Berangkat) on the side. 

Compared to the Nasi Dagang, which was more of wild rice texture, tinier and rougher around the edges, Nasi Kerabu was more moist and softer. I loved both, equally as delicious. The fish was well cooked and with the gulai (gravy), it was thick and yummy.  Again, I loved it, thought it was really delicious, my friend though though it was Okay-lah. He said he still thinks Capitol Nasi Dagang Restaurant in Damansara Uptown offer a better dish. Hmmmmm, I dont know, I cant really tell the difference, lol.  I have tried the food at both eateries and I think both were tasty and yummy but then again – I ain’t from the East Coast, so I most probably do not have the proper knowledge to differentiate a good from an excellent  Kelantanese dish.

Would I head here again?

Totally. Yessssssssssss ! Good that I found another place that offers the good stuff, besides Capitol and with way more easier parking availability.

Address: F-46-G, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria, 47301                               Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays to                                            Sundays, 10.30 am – 6 pm

                               Wednesdays Closed



Signing out now, Ciao.


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