Soft Launch Cafe & Desserts @ Sri Petaling – Taste Soooo Good.

I paid this cafe a visit mid last year, around the time they first open doors & before the start of my stint as a blogger and I remembered it being a very fond memory. The environment was pleasant and the food was great. Today, while looking around for a cafe to visit, Soft Launch kindda popped up in my mind again and this is how I ended up here, a year later – fully intending to pen down my experience, this time. After all, it would be fun to pay a place a visit again just to see if the food is as good as it tasted when they first open shop. Sometimes, that is exactly the case. A lot of eateries offer tasty food when they first start operating and that standard sometimes last up to a year max before it starts its gradual decline. Was that the case here at Soft Launch? Nooooo. Yay !! I am glad to say that Soft Launch still maintained its excellence in the food it offers. It was sooo good and yummy that I stuffed myself, I just couldn’t help it. No regrets. Yumm.

Soft Launch is located along Jalan Radin Bagus in Sri Petaling. Those who are familiar with Sri Petaling would easily recognize the place because it is located within a square-like business area that is home to plenty of eateries that offers a variety of cuisines. Locating a vacant parking spot in this area, especially during the day, may be a pain. However, worry not – Soft Launch is located directly opposite the Sri Petaling Wet Market that offers parking at a reasonable rate of 3 ringgit per hour. The market is well maintained and cleanliness is excellent. So, no need to worry about smelly garbage or disgusting odor.  I was pretty amazed at the manner the wet market was maintained – if only most markets were the same , my trips there would be a lot more entertaining. 

Once parked, walk out and head on to Soft Launch. It is located on the first floor but it is easy to spot because it has a visible signage. However, if you have a difficult time locating it – just know that it is located right next to another cafe – 103 Coffee Workshop, which is located on the Ground floor. Both these cafes are on Waze. It was a totally easy find, so I guess it would be the same for you guys. 





I must say – I was pretty amazed as I was walking up the stairs heading to this cafe. It all looked as good as new. The decor, the paint, the cleanliness – it seriously shows an attempt to keep the cafe exterior well-maintained.  As soon as you enter the safe, you will notice that the interior of the cafe shares the similar attributes as its exterior – clean and well maintained. The cafe is designed in a manner that allows spaciousness. Brightly lit and artistically decorated, it oozes coziness and tranquility.  Loved it.




Chicken Waffle, 22 ringgit


This, right here – is da bomb! Soooooooo delicious. This dish consisted of a waffle + scrambled egg + tender fried chicken + maple syrup. Who would have thought that this combo works? certainly not me. I decided to give it a try anyway because the chicken looked good and I was hungry for waffles with maple syrup, which this dish – I get to fulfill both my wants in one dish. Do I regret it – No! Loved every mouthful of it. It tasted sooo good. The waffles was light and fluffy, the scrambled egg was a little runny, which worked well with the waffle because it provided the roughness of the waffle a little cream to soften. The fried chicken was tender, crispy and boneless. I poured the maple syrup all over the waffle, chicken and egg and allowed it a few minutes just to set it and it made all the difference. By the time I had my first mouthful, the sweetness from the syrup has somewhat soaked into the other items on the plate and this provided me the combination of sweetness, creaminess, crunchiness and just an overload of yumminess. I loved this dish. Could definitely order it again.


Nyonya Laksa Linguine, 22 ringgit



This was another delicious dish.  A flavorsome dish. Loved every bit of it. The minute you get your first taste – you are hooked. The Laksa flavor hits you immediately, offering a taste of hot and spiciness. Rather the common notion of laksa being watery, this dish was more of the thick, creamier side, which only aided in piling up brownie points in my book, because I love my pasta all creamy. The dish also came with mussels, prawns and squids. I love this dish too. An awesome take on Asian – Western fusion.


Would I head here again?

Heck yeah! The distance, the traffic – it don’t matter. This cafe offers me delicious food and an appealing ambiance. I am definitely heading back here.


Address: 101-1, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling,  Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Mondays,Wednesdays – Fridays, 12 pm-                                  11 pm

                               Weekends, 11 am – 11 pm.

                               Tuesdays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.



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