The Embassy @ The Starling Mall – Just another cafe. Bleh. (Permanently CLOSED)

** This would be a short post. I only tasted one dish and it was not great, so nothing much to write.


Someone once told me – if you want the real deal, go to cafes that ARE NOT situated in a mall. If it is not within a mall, there is a higher likelihood that the food would taste yummier and the ambiance would feel more original. Do I listen? No, I decided to give this new cafe a try. I was adamant, in fact because from pictures, the cafe looked nice and elegant.

While the environment certainly was nice and elegant, the food did not leave a lasting impression on me. You can have a family/friend get-together there and even business meetings, but don’t expect excellent food. That was my bad – judging a book by its cover, assuming that the food would resemble the cafe environment. Unlike the wonderful environment The Embassy provides, the food was Okay-lah, at least the ones I have tried. 


** I apologize for the limited amount of pictures for this blog post, camera battery supply was low.



The Embassy Sandwich, 23.80 ringgit


This felt like a basic sandwich with several layers. Usually, cafes would add additional flavors to make the transition from one layer to the next as smooth as possible but here there were not much thought put into the transition, it was more like layer 1, 2, 3 + chili sauce + layer 4,5 – the only thing holding the balance between all the layers is the chili sauce, literally. So this dish basically consisted of sourdough bread + beef bacon strips + grilled chicken breast + turkey ham + sunny side up egg + avocado + mustard + chili sauce. I knows what you are thinking – so many ingredients, yum!! but NO – not yum. The taste of the beef strips was overwhelming, it literally overpowered the whole dish. After about 2 mouths in, I decided to remove the bacon strip entirely and the sandwich tasted better immediately. It sure did still provide a burst of flavors – but not the appealing kind. This was just bleh. I guess considering the effort put into making the cafe look all elegant and welcoming, I assumed the same effort would be put into the dishes as well, it sure did not seem like it today though.



Would I head here again?

Hmmm, not for the food. I would rather spend my money elsewhere but I wouldnt mind having a drink or two here because the ambiance is pretty cool. A good setting for business meetings and a get-together.


Address: Level 2, The Starling Mall, Jalan SS 21/ 37, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am – 10 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.





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