WhupWhup Restaurant & Cafe @ Subang Jaya – Love, love, love. (Permanently CLOSED)

This cafe reviews has been making its rounds within the blogging community for some time now, looking at the pictures taken and all – it certainly did pique my interest. Why? Well first off, it exudes a ‘warehouse’ feel, it is after all located within what used to be a factory of some sort. Secondly, the food served seem to be different, not of the usual cafe variety, and even if it was of that variety, it seems like WhupWhup put their own spin to it – and it sure does look good.

Fast forward several months later, here I am, finally giving this cafe a try, lol. Better late than never, right?


I loved it. The whole warehouse/factory feel is not something that comes by very often. It was spacious in a way that it is unlikely that you would feel crowded/cramped. There were plenty of space between one table to another – yay! Plenty of privacy and there is no need at all to feel the need to lower your voice because there is just a big enough space to be able to contain all those noises and voices,that it is unlikely that it will be deemed a ‘pollution’. Based on my short time there, I’ve observed that all ages frequent this cafe. There were the older crowd who were having a business meeting/discussion of some sort over lunch, several bunch of college kids eating and chatting away and a single lady having a quiet meal with two of her kids. So yea, it looked like literally all ages are welcome and everyone looked equally as comfortable as I was there.

If it’s your first time there, it can get a lil intimidating at the start, I knew I was – just for about 10 seconds, lol. As soon as you enter the front door, it is highly likely that you will go “Woaaaaa” – you would need a couple of seconds to take in the different and appreciate the ambiance this eatery provides you. After that, when your brain starts working again, you will think about where to place your order – by the table or at the counter? Where is the counter? There seem to be a number of counters, which one is it? Do not let it overwhelm you because right before the panic kicks in – a friendly server will be right by your site to seat you and provide you the menu, explaining what’s good and popular. So, now you know – orders are placed by the table ๐Ÿ˜


Daily Scoop (Rocky Road F), 9 ringgit


Okay soooo, while I was waiting for food to arrive, I decided to give this home-made ice cream a try. They came in about 7 flavors – salted caramel, green tea, cempedak, milk chocolate, rocky road, lemon green and passion fruit. Being a chocolate lover myself, naturally I opted for Rocky Road. I fell in love as soon as I had my first spoon. The ice cream texture was thick, creamy and absolutely decadent – it literally melts in your mouth. Rocky Road was nutty, chocolatty and filled with caramel gooeyness – it literally felt like I was eating a more potent,creamier version of a Snickers Bar. Loved it !


Pommes Aligot, 25 ringgit




This is a French “starter dish”. It basically consist of about 50 % mash potato and 50 % combination of 3 different cheese. It was an experience, a fascinating one. I had the bossman coming over to my table to make this dish by my table side and then serving it. At first glance, it looked like cake batter, lol & then the chef started twisting and turning the mixture – it sure does stretch, as the image above depicts. It tasted pretty delightful. You could taste the mash potato but the cheese sort of elevated the mash from a pile of gooey, thick lump to something airy, light – certainly not the usual attributes associated to mash potato. I would have thought that the cheese would have made the whole mash way more overwhelming than it already was but nope, surprisingly. I do not know how to explain. For someone who isnt that crazy about mash potato, I liked this dish. It was simple yet yummy. A word of caution though – lets just say the real impact of the fullness this mash offers will only hit you once you have eaten most of it. What I meant to say was that many dishes out there will hit you on the spot – to signify that your stomach is full. Here however, that fullness will only hit you once you later, which means that you are highly likely to ingest more than you should. It catches you by surprise. That’s my only warning in regards to this dish, other than that, everything else is perfect.


Chicken Mojo, 22 ringgit


In contrast to Pommes Aligot, this dish was a healthy one. It consisted of pan fried oranges + grilled chicken + potato cubes. The chicken was  boneless and had plenty of meat on it. It was coated with a concoction of spices, herbs and citrus – which provided a burst of flavors. Very delicious and yummy.


** On Wednesday nights, they have LIVE events – singing and piano performances. I’ve been told that it does get pretty packed/full house then. So, do call in and reserve, if you are interested to attend at : 03-5612 6250


Would I head here again?

Hell yea. Love it ! Love the food, love the ambiance, love the friendly and attentive customer service. Its customers’ haven.


Address: 12, Jalan SS 13/3B, 47500 Subang Jaya


Opening hours: Wednesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 10 pm

                               Mondays & Tuesdays Closed



Signing out now, Ciao.


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