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Hawker stall outside SSTwo Kopitiam @ SS2 PJ – Best Maggi Goreng in Town (Permanently CLOSED)

I am one of those who eats Maggi mee every 6 months once. I would rather indulges and accumulate additional calories eating something else, lol. A friend of mine told me about this stall that serves delicious fried maggi and it got me intrigued – not in a “wow! I must try this” way but more of a ” how different can this be from any other mamak maggi goreng” way and this is how I found my way there.

How to get there? Well, this eatery is located in SS 2, near Taman Bahagia train station. There is a bunch of hawker stalls, about 4 – 5 stalls, which only operates at night. located right outside SSTWO Kopitiam. If you know where this kopitiam is – great, if you don’t, then key in SSTwo Kopitiam into Waze and it will lead you right to it. As far as I can see, there dont seem to be a specific name to refer to these hawker stalls but they all seem to operate in a way that suggest that they have been around for a relatively long time. It is totally unassuming and would most probably catch you by surprise, because they are not located on the main road, it is just a bunch a stalls located on an open road. It totally has a ‘hidden’ feel to it. Most of the stall occupants are Chinese and they serve everything from porridge, Char Kuey Teow, Curry Mee and yong tau foo. Only one among these 4,5 hawkers stalls is Mamak, so it would not take great effort to identify them. This mamak stall specifically offers Fried Mamak Mee, Maggi Mee and nasi lemak in packets. 



Maggi Goreng + Fried egg, 6 ringgit


It is difficult for me to explain why this noodle is delicious. I do not know how they cook it or what they add on to it, but this noodle right here, is da bomb! The noodles tasted sooo good, really tasty and once you mix the fried egg with the noodles, the whole thing turns into one load of yummy noodle gooeyness. You guys should really consider giving this noodles and these hawker stalls ago. 


Would I head here again?

Most definitely, the noodles taste sooo good. I think I wouldnt mind eating fried maggi every 3 months once now, lol. I also am looking forward to giving the other stalls a go.


Address: Near SSTWO Kopitiam, 1, Jalan SS 2/1, Taman Paramount, 47301 Petaling Jaya


Opening hours:  7,8 pm till 2 am?



Signing out now,Ciao.



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