Kohi Yatta @ Mazda Showroom,Sungai Besi – Awesome spacious cafe for that much needed time alone (Permanently CLOSED)

Kohi Yatta is a Japanese inspired eatery and is the latest addition to the Sungai Besi cafe scene. It is located right next to the Mazda Showroom or rather attached to the showroom – why do I say attached? Well, imagine a real big car showroom and divide that showroom to half  – one half of it is filled with Mazda cars and the other half is the cafe. A wall acts as a divider with an opening in the middle that allows easy movement between these two establishments (as depicted in the image below). This cafe is owned/managed by the Mazda folks themselves. Not Mazda as a whole but specifically the Sungai Besi branch, which I think is pretty cool and smart. If some one comes to visit the cafe, in most cases, naturally they will be tempted to explore around while waiting for food to arrive – which means, they are highly likely to head on over to see the cars. Similarly, if someone comes to see the cars specifically, then they may also be tempted to head next door to get a bite and relax while thinking about their next purchase. See? It works well both ways.



As I mentioned earlier, the cafe sure is spacious, way more spacious then most of the other cafes I’ve visited and the layout is such that the front part of the cafe accommodates the open concept and the inner part ensures privacy, with the presence of glass dividers that sort of provides the cocoon effect. Loved the concept. the cafe is so spacious that anywhere you decided to seat yourself – you would be in your own bubble, without the conversation of others disrupting yours. 


If  you brought along kids with you, Kohi Yatta has a special section , located in the middle of the cafe – which ensures adults being able to keep an eye on the kids. 




Bento A, 14 ringgit


I was feeling like a lil kid today – so, of course I ordered myself this, lol. When you combine the whole dish together – it literally is a kids meal. What you get is some salad + soup + omelette + 3 mini chicken sausages + 2 mini croissant + 2 rice balls with tuna. I gobbled the whole thing up within 5 minutes, no joke. It certainly was not filling but it was fun because I get to be a kid again and pick out what I want to eat first. Definitely a happy meal. 


Torikatsu Sandwich, 18 ringgit


This is basically a chicken sandwich. It was okay, not too bad. I did not like the bread they used, similar to a baguette. It was pretty hard and crunchy. I loved these kind of French bread and would have loved it if it had a tuna mayo filling? because then the filling would have already made the inner part of the bread soft and soggy. This chicken sandwich though has a patty in the shape of thick and long cutlet, which was dry. So, when the filling is dry and bread is dry – it kindda makes the whole dish one whole sandwich of dryness. Chili sauce was readily available, yay! and this helped in making this dish better and easier to ingest. The fries was yummy, loved that and the salad was simple and fresh.


Would I head here again?

If I am in the area, then I would. Not so much for the food, it is decent but I would head there again because I loved the ambiance, environment. The spaciousness and the privacy, cozy warmness feel to it is what I loved.


Address: Lot 4, Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 6.30 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.



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