Makhan by Kitchen Mafia @ SS13, Petaling Jaya – Tasty Indian food with a modern twist.

I remember passing by this location many times in the past and there was never-ending construction taking place. Where am I talking about? The road in between Columbia Asia Hospital and Jaya One, with Jaya One on your right and the hospital on your left? Yea, if you follow that road, right next to the hospital, that is the spot that I am referring to. It was all closed off, and I could never see what they were attempting to build as the road was always busy, not the kind of place I can stop by the side to take a look. Due to me moving to another part of town, I no long have the luxury to drive by whenever I please, so it has been a while since I checked out weather the construction is done and over with – now I know, lol. Now it looks all fancy. As you are entering, you will notice a red mail box by the road. As you turn left into the vicinity, you will notice a single story? huge warehouse-like structure with black exterior. There will be several fancy looking bikes parked around the area and some would be on display because while a part of this structure is home to Makhan, the other part consist of a motor repair shop and Gasket Alley – everything related to bikes, shirts, gears, memorabilia.


A friend of mine narrated his dinner experience at Makhan and mentioned that the Indian food there was yummy. Makhan is owned/managed/run by Kitchen Mafia, the same folks behind Hello ! at Section 17 ( Hello by Kitchen Mafia @ Happy Mansion, Section 17 – Better late than never, lol ). Based on my positive experience at Hello! and my friends experience at Makhan, I was genuinely looking forward to my trip here and now that I have gone and eaten in Makhan , I must say , it was a positively pleasant experience.


I have not come across many restaurants/cafes that serves Indian cuisines and looks like this. Walking into Makhan, it is easy to assume that this eatery offers Western and Asian cuisine due to its’ modern decor. It certainly did catch me by surprise to see that their whole menu consisted of the Indian variety.


I inquired about their popular dish and was told that their set lunch is a crowd pleaser. So naturally, that is what my friend and I ordered.


Set Option 1, 19.90 ringgit


This option was my choice. It consisted of  Baked Flat Bread (rosemary & herbs) + Butter Chicken + Couliflower + Sweet Acar + Pickles + Lentils + Papadum. This was really delicious, it totally makes sense why this was one of their popular items. It literally was one whole plate of yummy variety. The butter chicken was on point, not too spicy and just right in its flavoring. The bread was basically a tinner version of your typical naan and with the flavoring from the rosemary and herbs, it was flavorful too. I liked letting the bread soaked in the butter chicken gravy for a bit because the bread gets a lil soggy, which makes it ever yummier. The couliflower, acar and pickles were equally as good – a burst of flavors, sweet, sour and everything in between.


Set Option 2, 19.90 ringgit


My friend opted for this set, which basically consisted of Pulao Rice + Chicken Tikka Masala + Couliflower + Sweet Acar + Pickles + Papadum. The rice was yummy, it was or similar to Basmati rice, which is long grained. In contrast to the other option, Chicken Tikka Masala had no gravy. It was dry while also being wet? Does that make sense? The kind that could still compliment the rice without the aide of additional gravy. Both sets were utterly delicious. Loved it.


EggPlant Pakora, 12 ringgit


This was another tasty dish. I am a fan of egg plant and there were generous amount of eggplants in this dish. This was a perfect starter, nothing too heavy. There was alot of crunchyness and chunks of egg plants here and there. It was yummy. While I have come across pakoras , Eggplant pakoras I havent and now that I have – I love it!.


Would I head here again?

Yes, most definitely.


Address: No. 15, Jalan 13/6, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling     Jaya

Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 12 pm to 1 am

                               Sundays Closed


Signing out now, Ciao.


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