Mok Teh Nasi Dagang Terengganu @ Wangsa Maju – Once was enough.

* Before I get on to my experience, a couple of friends from the East Coast who are currently in KL working has acknowledge that among the Nasi Dagang in KL of the Terengganu variety that they have tasted so far, the ones at Mok Teh is almost as good as it gets in terms of authenticity. I wouldnt know shit about autheticity because I am KL bred. For me, all that matters is whether food tasted good or not, lol. Okay, now back to my ramblings….


A couple of my friends are from the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia – Pahang/Kelantan/Terengganu and they get a kick out of tasting a variety of Nasi Dagang of the east coast origin located here in Kuala Lumpur. I on the other hand, am mostly a KL bred – so, I wouldn’t know anything about distinguishing one from the other but I tag along anyways because the food usual taste good. The ones I have tasted so far is of the Kelantanese variety, simply because they seem to be easier to find, the others seem to be more scarce. 

This time however, this bunch decided that it was about time they indulge in some Terengganu style Nasi Dagang. We went online and found Mok Teh, based on the articles we read, it did sound like they seem to be the real deal, serving authentic Terengganu style Nasi Dagang. 

On this Tuesday noon, this is how we found our way here in Wangsa Maju – an area I almost never ever venture into. It has been a good 15-20 years since I last did – cant say I missed it though. I do not like the area. It still looks the same as it did years ago,except maybe for the recent addition of Wangsa Walk Mall nearby, nothing else is new. There is nothing here that I like. Nothing at all. However, since the nasi dagang shop is located here, I decided to suck it up and carry on. All for the sake of Good Food, Good Food, Good Food. Yes, that was my mantra throughout the journey there.


This is the kind of eatery that has managed to last this long not because people from all over KL heading to their eatery to taste the good food, no – this is more like the kind of eatery that has a following within the area they operate in. They are located right in the middle of some sort of business center, whereby offices and business operates around them and lets just say the people working around this area are the kind who would eat at this eatery.

Mok Teh is a Self-Sevice eatery, which I did not know of of course. My friends and I, when we stepped foot into Mok Teh, lets just say we did not fit in or rather, it was very obvious that we were not from the area. Us, with our bombastic hair and hip and happening attires – we sure did stand out, lol. It would have helped if the 2 peeps working there assisted us but despite us standing nearby, having a look of utter blurness on our face as to how to make a move – they did not help. Can’t fully blame them though, half of the onus is on us too for not asking. Anyways, as we walked around, we saw the sign – SELF SERVICE and we all went “Ooooooo, I see.” We also saw 3 things on display and we figured we select what we want, pay and have a seat. 


Okay, let me get this out before I proceed to talk about the food. The Kelantanese version of nasi dagang that I’ve eaten here in KL – lets just say that they come in colorful, sometimes beautifully decorated large sizes and the version served here seemed to be catered for customers that are on the go? which means – it is small. Almost the same size as the popular nasi lemak bungkus that popularly frequents mamak stalls? Yup, that one. 


 Nasi Dagang, 3.50 ringgit


Now this, I like. The ikan tongkol tasted really good. I do not know if it was authentic or not but for KL bred like myself, anything that taste good in the mouth, is good enough. Whether authentic or not – that is a different story, lol. My friend from the East Coast though, he thought that the ikan tongkol was well cooked and tasted great. Apparently there were 2 kinds/types of rice that were usually used – the white ones or the ones with a brown line in between, he said he preferred the latter to the former, which was what that was used here. Well, I do not know about the kinds of rice, lol – all I know is that it tasted good. There was also some talk about the rice not being that right, some talks on santan and sugar but what do I know, right? It tasted yummy to me, a whole lot better than the Nasi Minyak – what more can I ask for.


Nasi Minyak Ikan Merah, 5.50 ringgit


This was okayla. Nothing to brag about. As soon as you open the packet, you get some yellowish rice accompanied chicken + gravy in a plastic packet and another packet of some pickled vegetables. The chicken comes in a really small size – a quarter of a full thigh? The chicken, within 3 mouths full, its finished, you have most probably eaten all the meat, the size of the chicken was also evident from how much rice I had left. The rice wasn’t much but I still had plenty of rice to finish. I don’t know – this just did not do it for me. The chicken and gravy tasted delicious – sweet and spicy all in one. It is just a shame that it comes in bit size.


Would I head there again?

NO. Not at all. This is one of those rare occasions whereby I do not dislike the restaurant or its food. Not at all, food was tasty. My issue would be with the place/location. I said it at the start of this review that I hate this location n I will conclude the review with the same sentiment. I hate this place. If Mok Teh was located closer to me or anywhere else but here – perhaps I would drop by again but in this case, No.


Address: No 50, Jalan Wangsa Delima 6, Pusat Bandar Wangsa Maju, 53300, Kuala Lumpur


Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 8.30 am – 2.30 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.


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