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Papasan Canteen @ Kuchai Lama – M certainly coming back for more. Yes !

I rarely venture into Kuchai Lama, in fact – close to never but boy am I glad I did because it led me to Papasan! This 3 month old eatery dishes out some of the tastiest- good value for money Japanese inspired dishes. The ones I tasted were utterly delicious.

As soon as you get to this eatery, you’d realize that Papasan is mostly blue in color, the happy kind of blue , which exudes a calm and happy vibe. This vibe is further elevated from the warm welcome you’d receive.



You would have to place your order at the counter and since I am mostly blur when it comes to Japanese cuisines , naturally I had questions. All my questions were answered patiently and on top of that, each of the popular dishes were explained thoroughly – ingredient, taste, flavor. Awesome!Β Papasan has quite an extentive menu. Everything ranging from sushi, rice to noodles and desserts.




Unagi Tomago Maki, 18 ringgit


This was sooooooooo effin good, yawww ! Have not come across many eateries here that serves good Unagi for just 18 ringgit – totaly good value for money. It was served on a wooden platter which I thought was pretty impressive and the Unagi came in pairs of 3. This dish basically comprised of rice + grilled teriyaki eel fish + tomago eggs + Bbonita fish flakes on the top. I have no idea what kind of fishes those are or even what tomago eggs were but I loved it all. Did I mention that the dish arrived within 5 minutes? Super fast – perfect for starters/appetizers.


Tori Teriage Don, 16 ringgit


This was another great dish. The chicken pieces were cooked to perfection – I could eat it allll dayyyyy, just by itself and instead of the usual Korean FC, we can name this the Japanese Fried CHicken – how about that? Β It was kindda soaked in soy sauce so that gave it a sweet aftertaste which was excellent accompanied with the sticky rice. It was a whole lump of gooey, sticky and sweet mix. Totally da bomb.


Truffle Oil Olio, 14 ringgit


If you want something simple and more of the vegetarian variety, then this would suite you. What you would get is spaghetti cooked in truffle oit + loads of fresh mushrooms + chili flakes. I most probably would give this dish a miss the next time I visit because I am sooo in love with the two dishes above, I would prefer giving those variety a try as oppose to the noodles. I could get that at numerous other cafes, since I am at a Japanese eatery – I would rather give the other dishes a try and skip the noodles.


And ooooo, guess what ? I got a free scoop of their delicious home made black sesame ice cream yaw! YUMMMMMM!



Would I head here again?

Heck yeah! Definitely heading back for more.


Address: No. 17 G, Jalan 1/114, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama


Opening hours: Closed on Wednesdays. Every other day, opens at 10 am – 10 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.


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