Ground Hog @ TTDI – Okaylah. (Permanently CLOSED)

If I can sum up my experience here, Ground Hog would be one of those I would consider a neighbourhood joint. Food is okay, would not say that it was exceptionally delicious bit affordably priced. It so happen that they are located in TTDI and serves pork – so if I fancy some pork, want to head somewhere nearby and am not too fussy – Ground Hog would be ideal and hey – the price is reasonable too. You get dishes that would fill your stomach for a pretty decent price in TTDI. Yup but if you want really good pork with equally as good ambiance – then you should most probably skip this eatery. 



The restaurant looks nice, just blue all over. It was pleasing on the eye and it exuded a rather calming effect. That being said though, I had issues with the table seating. If you notice the image above, you’d realize that there is very little distance between one table to another – which means NO PRIVACY and high tendency of a strangers’ conversation overpowering yours? as was the case for me. I was there on a date. Both my partner and I enjoy visiting new eateries and the fact that both of us have not seen each other for some time only added to that thrill. Guess what we discovered? That Ground Hog is no place to have a date or a work/business meeting unless maybe if you choose to sit outside. The both of us spent the whole lunch not talking because its was freaking difficult having to repeat it again and again because the person seated on the next table was going on and on about his son and his experience attending a private school. OMG!! The thing is though – I cant really blame the guy. It wasnt like he was talking sooo loud, no, it is just that the table arrangements are so close together and the eatery is kindda closed up that soundsjust remain inside? Does that make sense? Man, from start to finish – it was private school experience for me, it literally felt like I know his son already – how he loves travelling during summer break, how much independence has positively affect his growth and bla bla blaaaa. It sucked epicly if you are on a date. Anyways, now onto the food ….



Nasi Lemak Siu Yuk, 8.80 ringgit



We decided to try something from their Nasi Lemak Meal Deal and opted for the Nasi Lemak Siu Yuk. This deal basically comes with a grape/mango frizzy which basically was a fruit flavoured sugary drink with a sparkling water effect. Food arrived pretty quick, yay! Nasi Lemak tasted nice but the pork though, was okaylah, it did not elevate the Nasi Lemak, instead the Nasi Lemak did that for the Siu Yuk. It was a decent and  filling dish. 

Dry Ramen, 10 ringgit




As its name suggest, dry Ramen is what you get. You will also get some vege and a little pork meat on the side. It was another okay dish. Simple yet filling.


Would I head here again?

Nah, like I said – its an affordable neighborhood styled eatery. I already have a few cafes I fancy heading regularly to in TTDI and the whole seating arrangement dont work for me. It would be a diffetent story if the food was really good, then I wont mind listening to conversations about private schools but it wasnt , so yea – and I am not one of those who need pork meat regularly. So, I wouldnt miss Ground Hog.


Address: No. 16, Ground Floor, Jalan Wan Kadir 1, Taman Tun D.r Ismail.


Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays to Thursday, 11 am – 12 am, Fridays & Saturdays, 11 am – 1 am, Sundays, 11 am – 10 pm.



Signing out now,Ciao.


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