Qureshi @ KLGCC/TPC – Delicious Indian food

** FYI, to eat here at Qureshi, you do not have to be a club member, it is accesible to general public. I do not think you can park at the clubhouse where Qureshi is located though – that is members only area – as you would most probably see from the guard post located there. Worry not though, there is the public car park right outside the guard post, park there and it barely takes 5 minutes to get to Qureshi. If in doubt, the guards are more than happy to help you out.


So, today I was treated to a special lunch here as an anniversary date. I havent been to KLGCC, now known as TPC,  for quite a while and was excited to try out something new. I knew of the cafes and the meals at the clubhouse but I did not know of the existence of this Indian restaurant, Qureshi. Was totally looking forward to the experience.


Well, as you can see – this is more of a fine dine kindda restaurant. Lets just say walking in with a tshirt and slippers is not the norm. That being said though, you also do not need to go overboard with designer suits n stuff lol – just meet somewhere in the middle and you will be fine, lol. Most of the patrons were in their office attires anyways, when I was there. So yea, nothing overly fancy needed.


Qureshi faces the golf course. So while waiting for food to arrive, looking out and watching groups after groups of golfers discussing and tryna hit a bogey? A birdie? with their caddie in tow was entertaining.




They had quite a selection of menu. It ranges from starters to rotis, ala carte dishes – vegetables and meat, rice, gravy to sets for 2 people or more and desserts. We started of with a starter of papadum and then proceeded with chicken briyani, spinach and cheese naan.


Papadum, 15.00



The papadum starter comes with 6 large and crunchy papadums. This was brought together with a complimentary dish of roti and 3 variety of lentils. The papadums were, well – papadums , tasty and makes a good starter. The lentils though were delicious. The dhal and the green bean were my favourites. Eating the lentils with the naan provided was da bomb. The roti by itself was yummy. Both buttery and soft, it was only after tasting this roti that I decided to put up an order for cheese naan.


Chili & Cheese  Naan, 18 ringgit


This was soooooo tasty. Here you wont get a small size naan with close to nothing fillings and loads of flour – no, not at all. What you would get here is 2 pieces of large naan served in halfs with just the right amount of flour and loads of filling. The filling is out of this world! This is the first time I have seen and tasted a naan served with cottage cheese/ paneer filling. Have not come across that here in KL but since I loveee paneer as a dish of its own, naturally I would love this too. A word of advise though – I think it is best to view this as a main dish by itself , rather than think of it as a side and then order yourself a briyani – cause that is just not gonna work. Unless of course you drop by at Qureshi with 3,4 other people, then perhaps it could fit in as a side. I on the other hand though, it was just me and another and by the end of it all, the naan and the briyani was just too much. Do I regret it though? Hell nooooo, lol.


Murgh Bombay Bohri Briyani, 50 ringgit


This was delicious yawwwwww. The rice was moist and soft + tender bits of chicken scattered all over and contrary to the usual, I did not even need to add gravy in. The moistness and softness + spices and flavor from the briyani rice was just right that there was no need to add on gravy in hopes of adding flavor. No need at all. The chicken pieces were tender and the meat almost drops of the bone. What better combination can I ask for?  Yummm !


Palak Paneer, 45 ringgit


This was delicious too. I know you guys are most probably going – more paneer? Yesss, could not help myself. I loveeeee the spinach puree that always accompanies the paneer and this dish offers me exactly that. It was really good. Perfect amount of spices and thicknes and the cottage cheese cubes? Ooooo man. Yummm.

Would I head here again?

Food here was delicious. Would love to come back often. However, since I am not in the habit of eating regularly at clubhouses, lol – this would make a great place for celebratory occations. So yea, I definitely will be back here.


Address : Ground Floor, East Wing, Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC), No. 10, Jalan 1/ 70D, Off Jalan Bukit Kiara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.


Opening hours: Everyday. 11.30 am – 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.



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