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UMAC House @ PJ – Tasty Banana Leaf Rice

I am one of those who enjoy discovering underrated Indian eateries that offer delicious banana leaf rice. I just find Kanna Curry House, Raj’s, Nirvana – too commercialized. Though I acknowledge that within that group of commercialized indian restaurants – Devis Corner Bangsar, the 1st floor section, does offer some pretty good banana leaf rice. Anyways, now back to UMAC…

If I am not mistaken, this restaurant has been around for a few years. What I like about it besides the good food it offers is the location itself. It is different from the usual indian restaurants we all visit in the sense that it is located within a University of Malaya Academic Club (UMAC) House, which means – what you get is a nice, homely looking, relatively big double storey house with loads of greens all around. Ohh, and it is usually on a big plot of land, which means – you would have plenty of place to park. Yay! While this is mostly utilized by the UM students, they are generous enough to let us, the members of public, to enjoy the good food that they offer, for lunch and dinner, for certain periods of the day, weekly.

UMAC House isnt located within the vast grounds of the university, no. It is located outside the PJ entrance to University Malaya, directly opposite MAHSA University. While you are on this road, opposite of MAHSA, you need to turn left immediately before the Thamesa home furnishing store or just keep a lookout for a big red board that says “Light Focus”. Yup, as soon as you see the red board, there is a left turning before that – turn into it and turn left immediately again and the first house on your left is UMAC House. Worry not though – it is on Waze, so it can lead you right to it.


You can hardly miss the clubhouse as you can see “UMAC HOUSE” on the gate and the gates are usually left open whenever lunch and dinner services are available. 

There are 2 sections available here. The open section and the inner section.


The open section, as you can see is literally open. It is airy and you get to enjoy the greens and nature. This is where most people enjoy eating anyways. It is usually filled with laughter and chatter. 


The inner section is air conditioned, plesant and offers privacy. Good for those who are having business meetings or anything that requires privacy.


They have an array of meat and vegetable selection but make sure you head there early though. Between the UM folks and people in general who frequent this eatery, most of the delicious food would be emptied by the time you get there. Arriving between 11 ish am to 1 pm would be great. This place literally feels like 1 Malaysia, no joke. All races frequent it. Malays, Indians, Chinese and sometimes – Caucasians and other foreigners. Awesome! 


So, this was what I ordered. Basic banana leaf comes with rice + 4 standard selection of vegetables + 2 papadums for a price of 6 ringgit. I added on chicken varuval, 6 ringgit – which lead to a total sum of 12 Ringgit. My friend who accompanied me for the day, also decided to eat banana leaf rice – 6 ringgit + fried banana chips, 3 ringgit + sura puttu (shark fish scramble), 8 ringgit = 17 ringgit. A delicious, wholesome meal for 12 ringgit and 17 ringgit? I’ve got no complains.

Would I head here again?

Most definitely. I have been frequently visiting UMAC House since mid last year and will continue to do so. 


Address: No. 1, Jalan 12/5, PJS 12  46200 Petaling Jaya.


Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 3.30 pm, 6 pm – 12 am.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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