Botanica Deli @ Bangsar South – My Peanut Butter Fix!

** This would be a short post. Since literally everyone knows and/or has been to Botanica, I should skip the small talk and get right to it. Yes?

I am a peanut butter fan, loveeeeee it! But yea, even I know too much of peanut butter aint good, just like chocolates and sweet – my other lovesss. So, I eat it scarcely but whenever I do get my fix – I gobble up  (hantam) as much as I can.

I spend loads of time in Bangsar, working and when the urge kicks in, I get into my car and head to Botanica Deli at Bangsar South, barely 10-15 minutes away. Botanica Deli is attached to Botanica + co. While the latter opens doors at 11.30 am, offering more fuller and wholesome meals, the Deli is open from 8 am, yay! and it serves mee siam, sandwiches, salad – everything breakfast and brunch worthy. 


Peanut Butter & Banana Toast, 10.50 ringgit


Man, this is my favourite peanut butter fix. Do you see the thickness of it? The peanut better? The bananas? Ooooo man! Trust me, this would totally do it for you if you’re like me and in need for a fix. They sure are generous in their filling. You would really get a generous amount of peanut butter and by generous – I mean loads of it. Then there are the banana slices. Loveeeee it! It totally fills you up. I almost always only manage to gobble up half of it and the other half is packed and taken back home to eat later. Eating the whole thing up would just fill u up to a point that you cannot move? That is how generous they are with their fillings. Loooovvveee it!


Mee Siam, 5 ringgit


Having Mee Siam for breakfast is okay because its totally the Malaysian thing to do? Atleast, it is better than Nasi Lemak – I guess, lol. For 5 ringgit, I think this dish is totally value for money. What you would get is a generous amount of mee hoon + fried egg. That is not all. There is plenty of fried onions scattered everywhere, which makes the whole dish a whole lot crunchy and yummier. Tastewise, it resembles nyonya style cooking. Well duh, that is why it is called Mee Siam. Dummy me, yes. It taste good, looks good too and cost me just 5 ringgit. Yum!



Address: G3A – G5,Verticals Podium, No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur


Opening hours: Mondays to Friday, 8 am – 7 pm. Weekends, Closed.


Signing out now,Ciao.



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