Mr. & Mrs. Chicken @ Pudu – Tasty Chicken Rice.

Today, the bunch of us were dying for some chicken rice and so, we opted to try this month old eatery in Pudu. Due to the fact that we have a meeting to attend right after lunch, a meeting to impress the big bosses by the way, the last thing we want is to sweat and have nasty body odour oozing out of us, so we needed a place that is air conditioned and Mr. & Mrs. fits the bill. It is new, air conditioned and it is located in a place that we all rarely venture into.


The place was nice, nothing too fancy, just clean and simple. As soon as you enter, you are welcomed and seated and eventually, orders are placed.  Food arrived pretty fast, within 8 minutes. Awesome.


They had quite a good selection, set meals and ala carte – all chicken rice related, of course. Since we were all hungry, most of us opted for the set meal, under the Hearty Meal variety, which came with 3 options.


Roasted Chicken Set, 16.90 ringgit, Soy Sauce Chicken Set, 16.90 ringgit


As I mentioned earlier, we were all really hungry, so this chicken set was totally worth it. You will get a full plate of sliced chicken meat + rice balls + vegetable + soup + FuChuk, with Chinese Tea on the side. It tasted good, delicious. Kindda hard to say anything else about it because it is after all – chicken rice, lol. As long as it tasted as chicken rice should and is delicious, it is good, right? I loved it. The set also comes with dessert of the day – which was herbal jelly. Yum yum. It sure did fill our stomachs up, that is for sure.


Would I head here again?

If I happen to be in the area – why not? It is quiet, comfortable and welcoming. Totally can see myself having some chicken rice there, on my own and just simply people watching. 


Address: No. 11, Jalan Kancil, Off Jalan Pudu


Opening hours: Mondays – Wednesdays & Fridays – Sundays, 11 am – 9 pm. Thursdays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao.







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