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Sri Ganapathi Mess @ PJ Old Town – Delicious Indian food with Authentic Curries.

This is one of my go-to for yummy banana leaf experience. Why? cause it taste delicious, of course and their curries are the bomb. Thick, packed with spices and so damn tasteful, it is as it should be and not the watered down versions, which is pretty hard to come by these days.Β 

Located in PJ Old Town, opposite Sekolah Kebangsaan Petaling Jaya, within a housing area, Sri Ganapathi Mess has taken shop in one of those houses. There is no clear giveaway – a signboard, so do keep a lookout for a white house with green gate, or the one with strangers from all races walking into or simply use Waze to bypass all the hassle if you arent familiar with the area.


The first thing you would see is the frying area. The area whereby you select any form of marinated unfried meat that you want them to freshly fry for you.


If you arent interested in freshly fried meat, then head on in and choose your meat – chicken varuval, calamari sambal, cutlets and etc.


Upon ordering the meat of choice, you can head over and choose a place you fancy seating at. There are several choices. There is the front area, where you would have clear view of who is entering and leaving the shop. Then, there is the mid section, which is separated from the front section, with a few tables here and there. Lastly, there is the inner side, where there are private rooms and extra rooms to fill up in case the front and mid sections are filled up.

Front Section


Mid Section


Inner Section


Rice + 4 Vegetables + Papadum, 6 ringgit, Chicken Varuval, 8 ringgit, Sura Puttu, 6 ringgit, Fish Cutlet, 5 ringgit = 25 ringgit



Loved every single ingredient on the leaf. Yum! The vegetable option for the day was spinach, cucumber, bittergourd and brinjal. Delicious. The chicken curry was da bomb. Spicy and thick, flavorful, guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds with every single mouth you take. The meats was awesome as well. Couldnt have asked for a better wholesome Indian lunch.


Would I head here again?

Hell yeah. I sure will.


Address: No. 47, Jalan 1/10, Seksyen 1, 46000 Petaling Jaya


Opening hours: Everyday. 11.30 am – 4 pm




Signing out now, Ciao.


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