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Fish Head Briyani @ TTDI – Not Bad

It may be named “Fish Head” but it does not only serve that. Nope. They also serve the usual chicken, fish, mutton and egg briyani.

Located within the same row as Dotty’s and Pickle & Fig, this eatery is located almost at the end of the row, which means that it is rather easily missed if you do not keep a lookout. Worry not about parking, plenty available in the open car park next to Maybank. You can park your car there and walk over. Barely a 5 minutes walk away.



The decor was a lil weird. It was as though they first decided on a minimalist black and white theme and then decided to add some weird lighting and with sea shells as decor? A lil weird but not too bad.



Although briyani is their main attraction, they also serve white rice with meat like chicken varuval, ikan bilis/ anchivies sambal and vegetables like fried okra, ladies fingers and etc buffet style. This makes sense because there is a whole lot of working peeps nearby and if all you serve is briyani, your audience may be limited because there isnt a whole lot of customers who loves having briyani for lunch every other day, lol. So this was smart of their part to also incorporate the individual selections.


Orders are taken by the table. I cant really say that customer service was good. Not because they were not attentive to their cuatomers, that they were. They were attentive but it would be awesome if atleast one of them could converse properly in English and/or Bahasa Melayu? because they couldnt, we ended up having to repeat things a few times. When you repeat it though, they do get it. They bring the right items – so, that is good. Even if they cant communicate well, they do understand.

While waiting for the briyani to arrive, they will bring you PAPADUMS that is in a plastic bag, as starters? I do not know why they bother frying them upfront  and stock it all up in a plastic when ultimately it all looses its crunchyness because the AIR MANAGED TO GET INTO THE BAG ? ” SUDAH MASUK ANGIN? ” It takes less than 5 minutes to fry them, so why do it all earlier and risk it losing its appeal? Since all of us were papadum fans, we refused to eat what we got and requested that they fry us a fresh batch. They were more than willing to do so, and we received a plate of new, crunchy papadums within 8 minutes. Yay! 


The Chicken Briyani, 15 ringgit


This was a pretty good chicken briyani. Served in a pot filled with flavorful briyani rice + tender, meaty chicken breast + gravy + egg, with a side of yogurt and pickled vegetables. It tasted as a briyani should. The gravy that accompanied the chicken, rice and egg in the pot made the whole dish moist and packed with flavors. Nice indeed.


Fish Briyani, 19 ringgit


This was tastefull too. You would basically get similar ingredients that accompanied the chicken briyani except for the meat, of course. Here, you would get yourself a tender, flavorful fish. Yummy. The only downside to this dish was that compared to the chicken briyani, which came with plenty of gravy, which in turn made the whole dish moist, this dish came with a lack of gravy. This meant that the rice was not moist as briyani rice should be, the rice here was pretty dry. However, worry not. They were more than willing to to provide you with gravy/curry of your choice. With the gravy, this dish was pretty good.


Would I head here again?

Maybe, if I am in the area and fancy some briyani or indian rice.


Address: No. 36, Jalan Tun Mohd. Fuad 2, TTDI


Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 12 pm – 10 pm. Mondays Closed



Signing out now, Ciao.



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