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MakanHouse @ Bangsar – Yummy East Malaysian cuisine at my doorstep.

Seeing how often MakanHouse has been making rounds on Social Media, with loads of positive review, we figured it’s high time we paid this eatery a visit – it is afterall located in Bangsar, most of us live around here. 

MakanHouse isnt located in the usual cafe/restaurant scene in Bangsar, not near the NST building and not along Jalan Telawi. This eatery is located along the main road between Bangsar and Brickfields. The same road that houses Bangsar LRT station. If you guys know the corner where the Straits Food Company used to be, then you guys would have no problem locating this eatery. While Straits Food Company is located in the corner that faces the houses, this eatery is located in the same corner, facing the mainroad. 



It certainly is a good place to relax. It has good ventilation, spaced out and because it is designed in a way that completely contradicts the usual vibe you would get from this street – busy, jam, loud noises – this would make an awesome place to ‘lepak’.


So, we sat down and did the usual thing, looked at the menu, ordered and waited. Soon enough, the lunch crowd started coming in and it was fullhouse within a few minutes. While everyone was busy chatting away, I noticed that the newcomers headed to the back and 2 minutes later, came back to their table with a full plate of food and the food looked good. Almost all the newcomers were doing this and it looked like they were regulars. Intrigued, I asked our waiter about it and was told that they also serve Nasi Campur and the spread/selection is at the back. Oooooooo. We soon made our way back and checked out the spread. Quite a variety they have. Perhaps next time, I will give it a go.



Kaya Toast, 3 ringgit


This was good. Delicious. I wanted some kaya toast for lunch. Not for lunch but mainly because I havent had the taste of Kaya for a while. Just a bite will do. I missed it and to see it on the Menu here – ooo my, had to give it a go. It tasted good. If you fancy some simple, old school kaya toast – like I did, this could fit the bill. Yumm.


Nasi Dagang, 12 ringgit + Ayam Rempah (3 pieces) + Sambal Terung, 3 ringgit


The Nasi Dagang came with rice + egg + chicken with gravy (Devil’s Curry). The Devils Curry was optional. We wanted the Gulai Ikan but they were not serving that for the day, so we decided on Devils Curry instead.

On top of what came along with ‘Nasi Dagang’, we decided to grab something from their Nasi Campur section – 3 pieces of Ayam Rempah & Sambal Terung. 

This was yummy. The rice was awesome, the Devils Curry was thick and nice, Ayam Berempah was meaty and crunchy. Overall, a good attempt at Nasi Dagang Kelantanese style. Good to know that we can now have Eastern inspired cuisine nearby. 


Udang Sambal Sandwich, 10 ringgit


Okay, so this was their udang sambal sandwich. I do not know about you guys, but I was kindda hoping to get a sandwich with some udangs in it? No udangs though – just wishful thinking perhaps, lol. If you like eating some yummy sambal with bread, then you would like this. I did not, though. The sambal was yummy but I guess I am one of those who loves having sambal with rice? Will just stick to that next time. The table next to mine ordered the same thing and they loved it, so yea – a matter of preference, I guess.


Would I head here again?

I sure will. If I want some good hearthy food located nearby, will head here.


Address: No 5, Jalan Bangsar, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.


Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays, 10 am – 3 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am – 10 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.



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