Cafe 5 @ Pudu – Yummy Waffles (Permanently CLOSED)

Had waffles for lunch today at Cafe 5. Based in Pudu, just over 9 months old, this cafe offers ONLY waffle variety – sweet and savoury. Despite its smaller/limited menu, it no doubt is a favourite among the locals. Relatively quiet when I arrived slightly before 2 pm, 20 minutes later – it was filled almost to its full capacity.


Cafe 5 is located on the Ground floor of a hotel named Urban Bird. Just follow Waze and do not worry if you do not see an obvious “Cafe 5” signage. Once you arrive, Waze would have led you to a hotel that looked like the one depicted in the first image above. Plenty of parking spots available, so do park and head over to the hotel. Once you are there, you will most definitely see Cafe 5, at the corner.

It is a simple, small cafe but good enough to appeal and cater to the neighborhood folks. Nothing fancy and over the top. The waffles though – was goooood. Of course, it is all matter of preference but I sure liked it.



Murakami, 15 ringgit


Murakami may be weird to some, some may like it a whole lot, some may like it a lil less. It is a Japanese inspired dish. The sauce reminded me of sushi, lol – without rice and the whole works. So basically, to me, it felt like I was eating sushi + waffles. Weird but I liked it. It also happen to be their popular dish. Murakami consisted of Belgian Waffles + Flamed Teriyaki Sauce + Japanese Mayonnaise + Japanese spices + Bonito flakes.  It had a light feel to it, certainly wouldnt overwhelm your stomach and fill you up. It was nice.


Pure Indulgence, 20 ringgit


If you are looking for something sweet to fill you up, then do give this a try. Pure Indulgence is another crowd favourite and it includes fluffy Belgian Waffles coated with Belgian chocolate sauce + Banana + strawberries + a scoop of ice cream. It was filling but I aint complaining, lol. My ice cream of choice was Chocolate. They had several other flavors like Matcha, Salted Egg, Durian D 24, French Vanilla. The ice creams are a Must Try.  Rich and creamy, it was really good. Just a scoop by itself will cost you 7 Ringgit or if you want to indulge like me, have the whole works with waffles via Pure Indulgence. The waffles used are the same as the ones I got in Murakami. Top that waffle with some chocolate sauce and decadent chocolate ice cream? and some banana? Gooood Stuff. Delicious.


Would I head here again?

I would if I fancy myself some waffles. It is not something you eat everyday, so yea, when I feel like having some, will head to Cafe 5.


Address: No. 5, Jalan Lengkungan Brunei, Off Jalan Pudu


Opening hours: Everyday. 12 pm to 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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