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Mamalee @ Damansara Utama – Tasty, Good Value for Money.

Everytime I think about heading to Damansara Uptown – I go ‘Ooooooo Nooooooo.’ Thinking about the jam, the congestion, the difficulties in acquiring a parking spot, it is all a pile of one big mess that I prefer evading.

Today however, I needed to drop by Uptown to buy some pet food. So, what better day to give Mamalee a try, right? 


Mamalee is located above a car workshop – Kumho Tire. It is located in the same row of shops that houses HSBC. What I did was park near Cheers Cheese and then walk in between the building to the other side as both Cheers Cheese and Mamalee are located on the same block. The only difference is that Cheers Cheese faces the LDP highway and Mamalee faces the inner part – Uptown 2, the office block next to Starling Mall.

As soon as I entered Mamalee, I was welcomed and seated. You would get a relaxed, carefree vibe here. Within minutes, I kind of concluded that this establishment was family run. There were kids running up and down, the chef goes in and out the kitchen playing away with her kiddo, literally every person working there shares a bond of sorts, the kind that indicates that they are all somehow related? It had a nice feel to it, gives you a good impression and makes you feel like you are apart of it? Part of them? Yeaaa….


Nasi Lemak Salted Egg Fried Chicken, 12 ringgit + Kangkung Belacan, 4 ringgit + Bubur Chacha, 3.50 ringgit = 19.50 ringgit


Yup, all these yummies for only a total of 19.50 ringgit. These days, you enter a cafe and order your self a sandwich, highly likely it would cost you more than the combined total of the items above. So, it is an awesome thing to know that at Mamalee, you get good and clean environment, yummy and tasty food at a price that is ‘good value for money’.

The Nasi Lemak tasted as it should. The rice, egg, sambal, peanuts were all yummy. The chicken though was da bomb. I received a BIG piece of tender, meaty chicken thigh that was soaked in salted egg sauce. The chicken skin was crispy thin + plus the sweetish sour flavor feom the sauce offered an additional burst of flavors. The anchovie sambal was spicy and packed some heat. The combination of everything was truly delicious.

The Kangkung Belacan was yummy. I am fan of this vegetable and I love it when it is spicy and accompanied with dried mini shrimps. I do not think much or even any shrimps were used here or did they? Hmmmm but it was nevertheless spicy and tasty. I loved it. 

The Bubur Chacha was yummy. Thick and packed with santan/coconut milk, it was accompanied with multi colored sweet potato chunks + sago. Sweetened just right and the sago offered an element of chewyness. It sure was good.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. Looking forward to trying another dish in their Nasi Lemak range. Will give it some time before I head to Mamalee again though – I do not want to be packing on more calories for now, lol.


Address: 27 M, First Floor (Above Kumho Tire), Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya.


Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays, 7 am – 5 pm, Saturdays, 10 am – 8 pm. Sundays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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