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MALas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South – Simple yet Delicious

** UPDATE: I revisited this eatery recently and lets just say – the food was a let down. I do not think I will head back there again. I wonder how they survive though, especially when they are located right next to the always packed Souled Out. Malas is almost always empty and yet they have lasted this long. I wonder how? 


It took me 3 attempts to finally be able to taste the food at MALas. Why? Well, you see, while their social media business page suggest that they are open from 11 am to 1 am every other day, they somehow forgot to mention what time tbeir kitchen closes in between. So, first time around,  I was early, around 11 am and they said their kitchen isnt ready and I was like – fair enough, sometimes this happens when u arrive as soon as they just open shop. Second time around, was a lil after lunch hour – around 3 ish, I think? and again was told that their kitchen is close and only reopens at 6 pm? Man, I was like “Okays, bye bye MALas, looks like you and me will never be.” Fast forward 2 months, it was 8.30 pm, raining heavily and the nearest option for me to grab a bite was at Nexus. Since I’ve tried almost every eatery on the block and was itching for something new, decided to give MALas a last try .. and what do you know – their kitchen was open, yay!


Those of you who frequent Nexus regularly, would most probably know where MALas is located. To those of you who don’t, it is located next to Souled Out. At first glance, you would most probably also notice the stark difference – Souled Out, almost always fullhouse and MALas, there are people but with plenty more vacant spot available. Seeing this, it is easy to just dismiss MALas as just ‘OKLAH’ or ‘food isn’t that great’ but depending on the kind of food you are after – this eatery could just fit the bill.  It certainly did for me. What you can expect from this eatery is local favourites like Nasi Goreng, Fried Kuey Teow, Chicken Vindaloo and many more. Best part is – it is affordable, priced pretty cheap.



Char Kuey Teow, 9.90 ringgit


This was pretty good. It is simple. Just like pretty much most of the items on their menu, more of a Kopitiam styled, local favorites and that is what you’d get here. Simple yet tasty. You’d get the noodles with plenty of bean sprouts and a few prawns. The only thing I did not appreciate on this plate was their fish crackers. When you leave them out for long and the air seeps in, resulting in the fish crackers loosing its crunchiness and taste?That was what I got but I was too busy gobbling up the noodles that I just left the crackers be and not ask for a replacement. So yea, noodles was nice, I enjoyed it.


Chicken Vindaloo with Rice, 12.90 ringgit


This was yummmm! Different but yummy. What you’d get on the plate is rice + half a thigh with gravy + papadum + cucumber. I loved the chicken and the gravy, loved it a lot that I had to request for extra gravy, lol. Yea, I am one of those who enjoys the ‘banjir’ effect, making sure every bit of rice has gravy on it. Good stuff, yawww. The, there were the papadums. Let me tell you, the crackers that accompanied the noodles were bad enough, now this, the papadums, was worst. I just do not get it – if it is soo bad, why put it on the plate? It had no crunchiness whatsoever, it felt a lil bit like how it was suppose to be prior to getting fried. Now this, I had to request for replacement because I love them papadums, which they did. The new ones were as they should be, crunchy. So yea, minus the papadum blunder, the rest of the dish was yummy. Loved it.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. Food was great. If I want something nearby that offers me local favourites, will certainly keep MALas in mind.


Address: G-13, Ground Floor, Nexus Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Everyday. Weekdays, 11 am – 1 am. Weekends, 12 pm – 1 am.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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