Big Canvas Cafe @ Cheras – Pretty Good (Permanently CLOSED)

Headed to Cheras yesterday, to give this new cafe a try.  They open at 11 am, I parked and headed to the restaurant at about 11.30? First thing I saw was the sign – Sorry We Are Closed. I would have been disappointed but there were people inside, working around the counter and so I assumed that this was just a case of them forgetting to turn the sign the other way to indicate that they were indeed Open.

The front door was opened. So, I took a peep in and asked if they were open? They looked at each other for about 5 seconds before one of them piping out that they were  open. It was kindda weird though because it seemed like I kindda caught them by surprise?  Google indicated that the cafe was suppose to be open today, it was not like I came on the wrong day and at the wrong time. Just to make sure though, I asked them myself and was told that they were suppose to be open today but one of their family member passed away and so for the passed 2 days, the cafe was closed. Apparently it was to remain close at the time I was there too and only officially open doors the next day … and I was like ‘Oh Snap’ and “Sorry for your lost”. As much as it pains me to do it, you just have to do the right thing at times like this – so, I asked them if we should leave and they said no. They can still serve us but nothing on the menu is available today except for the Hainanese Pork Chop and desserts. No sandwiches and no pastas. They assured us that this was just the case for today, come tomorrow – it’s back to usual, all items on the Menu will be available. Folks, by today – I mean yesterday, as the day I visited this cafe was on the 14th of Sept. So, if you guys were to visit this cafe the next day ( 15th Sept onwards) business is as usual.

I can’t really fault anyone for the demise of a family member. The waste of petrol and time means nothing anymore. They were nice to us, smiling away, made us felt welcomed as oppose to being intruders. So, we stayed put. My friend and I decided to give their Hainanese Pork Chop a try. After all, they did assure me that this was a delicious dish – worth a try and so I did. After placing the order, I decided to look around – they had some pretty cool murals on the wall.


This cafe occupies 2 floors and shares a similar concept to Cafe Atas 59 ( Cafe Atas 59 – Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar – Simple Yet Delicious ) whereby part of the cafe is for eating and the other half is for artistic activities – painting and etc.  At Big Canvas, the first floor is where you can eat and drink and then you head on upstairs via a set of stairs located within this cafe and this area is where the art classes takes place.  


Check out the last image. Was the guy in the painting masturbating or was his hand arranged in such a way to trick our eyes and mind ? My my, what would Sigmund Freud say?  He most probably say that this guy has not gotten over the Phallic stage during childhood, hence it having a spillover effect during his adulthood? His superego is twisted? Lol… Fascinating.

Anyways, the guy teaching the art classes was super friendly. He more than welcomed us into his studio. He said if I was interested, I could just walk in , make an appointment and we can proceed from there. Sounds good, ey? Here are the details, in case any of you guys are interested.


The cafe as a whole is warm and cozy. Small and inviting, it gives you a sense of happiness. The murals on the wall was beaitiful – happy colors and happy images, just adds colors to your day.


and this was their Menu … They had 7 main items (food) and the rest was a variety of drinks. They would also have an additional dish which would be deemed their ‘Todays Special’ and that was what the Hainanese Pork Chop was – the Special for the day.



Today’s Specials : Hainanese Pork Chop, 16.90 ringgit


This was soooooooooo good. One of the best Hainanese Pork Chop I’ve had in a while. Pork fillets coated and soaked in sweet and sour sauce. Upon tasting it, only got my tongue wagging for more – that was how good it was. Oooo and let me take a moment to give my appreciation those  perfectly fried garlics that accompanied this dish. It was thicker than the ones I usually came across but fried to perfection. When you get a spoon full of some pork chop + rice + fried garlic – Oooooooo man, simple delicious. I loved it.


Would I head here again?

Ooo yes, I would. Once I’ve got a taste of their Hainanese Pork Chop, I am gonna assume the rest of the things on their menu is gonna taste as awesome. So, yea, I am coming back for more, lol.


Address: No. 34 A, Jalan Mutiara Raya, Taman Mutiara, 56000, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.


Opening hours: Thursdays to Tuesdays, 11 am – 9 am. Wednesdays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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