Blaq Coffee Store @ Shamelin Perkasa – A cozy lil coffeeshop (NAME CHANGE/RENAMED)

  • Blaq Coffee Store is now Maven Coffee Store. Besides the name change, everything else is pretty much the same .


It was after work hours, somewhere around 5-ish in the evening and the bunch of us were driving around, looking for a coffeeshop with good WIFI, for a drink and to get some work done. Since we all had a rather wholesome meal today for lunch, we were looking out for a place that offers mainly drinks and then some food, on the side – basically, a coffee shop.

We eventually decided on Blaq Coffee Store. It’s a new cafe and it is located in Taman Shamelin, an area we very rarely venture into. It is also a coffee shop. It sells coffee equipments and coffee beana, in addition to serving you coffee – comes in variety of styles and a selection of coffee beans. For food, they serve some desserts and sandwiches and so, this was where we headed.



It certainly is a good place to chill. Blaq is located in the inner part of this business centre. It is relatively quiet compared to the other parts in this area. As you drive around, Β you past through quite a bit of quietness and then you’ll see Blaq. There are several roads you can take to lead you to this cafe, I was initially on one road and somewhere in between, I was on another road – Lets just say Waze and I weren’t cool that day, lol. For a moment there, I thought of turning around and heading back home because having diverted from the original road had me having to drive through the side that was a little creepy? The kindda place that you most probably would not walk around on you own, especially if you are a female … get what I mean? After going around for about 5-8 minutes, we eventually reached. So yea, this information is purely for ‘heads up’ purposes. Just skip the whole thing, if that works for you, lol.Β 


Hot Chocolate, 10 ringgit + Long Black, 8 ringgit + Tiramisu, 11 ringgit + Chicken Sandwiches, 10 ringgit


The Long Black was nicely brewed and the hot chocolate was well, yummy. It was exactly what we needed to wind down, relax and get some work done.

In the midst of our work session, we got hungry. Ordered ourselves a Tiramisu, which was pretty good. Decided to also give their sandwich a try. It all comes pre – packaged.


So, they had 3 options – egg, tuna, 9 ringgit and chicken, 10 ringgit, which was what we opted for.



It was a simple sandwich but totally worth your 10 ringgit. The filling was generous, loads of chicken bits, cheese, tomato and some mayo? Surprisingly delicious.Β 


Would I head here again?

If Blaq was located nearer to where I am based, then this would be a cafe I would regularly visit whenever I want a place with good drinks, wifi, service and ambiance. Sadly, it is located across the town from me. So, all I can say is that if I happen to be in the area and in the lookout for a coffee shop, will certainly keep Blaq in mind.


Address:G 30, Shamelin Star, Jalan 4/91


Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 11 pm



Signing out now, Ciao.


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